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Agricultural Robots: A tech savvy Agricultural Equipment for Efficient Farming: Ken Research

Posted on 13 September 2016 by KenResearch Agriculture and Animal Care,

With upsurge of technology in agriculture sector, farming is becoming more modernized and sophisticated. Agricultural equipments such as threshers, harvesters, sprinklers, drill, seeder, planter, harrow, sprayer, plough and more have a strong demand. In present era revolutionary agricultural robots are introduced globally which possess extraordinary skills and efficiency which have strengthened the Agricultural Equipment Market Forecast. Use of such robots is extensively done in developed nations to boost output and crop yield drastically.

Now these sharp machines have become an inevitable requirement of the agricultural sector. Various types of agricultural robots have been introduced in recent time. Self-directed tractor robots are used for performing various farm related tasks like tilling, ploughing, etc. in farms. TADD (Trainable Anomaly Detection and Diagnosis) is a robotic system used extensively in potato farming in spotting, classifying and recognizing potatoes without any defect. Further, robots for decontamination and purification of soil in any sort of terrain are also introduced in recent times. Further, robots for various purposes like spraying, ploughing, weed controlling, farm navigation, packing, sowing, etc. are also introduced throughout the world and are gaining mind blowing popularity.

Various developed nations have started making considerable use of such agricultural robots in farming. Japan which is one of the largest manufacturer of robots in the world is also one of the leading consumers of agricultural robots in the world. Highly developed commercial farms are making substantial use of such robots. Kubota Corp. and Iseki & Co. are Japanese companies have introduced their model of agro-bots globally. Further, they are also producing models of autonomous tractor robots. Further, robots for carrying and handling farm produce is also introduced and used in Japan. Farms completely managed by robots are also becoming popular in Japan. Further, continents like North America and Australia are largest users of such robots. Future of agriculture of such continents is expected to be highly promising due to significant use of technology in farming. But however, developing and poor nations still lag behind in using such robots and are rather highly dependent on manual methods of farming. But use of such equipment and robots is definitely increasing in such countries due to rising trend of mechanization and modernization in developing nations.

Many people are however criticizing use of robots and tech savvy equipment in agriculture and farming. Critics believe that such equipment may drive unemployment in the sector specially in developing nation where poverty is extremely high. But however, those in support of this technology believe that it’s a boon for agricultural sector since its increasing productivity while minimizing costs, time and efforts involved in the activity.

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