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Penetration of Baby Diapers and Wipes in Developing Economies will Aid the Growth in Revenues of the Baby Hygiene Industry in Asia

Posted on 04 January 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

The baby hygiene market in the APAC region is presently in the growth stage. Revenues of baby hygiene products from the APAC regions have been driven by developed economies including Japan and Australia during the review period. Developing economies including India, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam have seen double digit growth in revenues during the review period. Increasing GDP Per capita, rising hygiene and sanitary awareness and high growth in new born babies in developing economies have helped to stimulate the revenues in the market. Manufacturers of baby hygiene products are setting up new production facilities in developing countries in order to increase sales volume through higher product penetration. The APAC baby hygiene market consists of large number of manufacturers and customers. Since majority of customers are well educated, price sensitive with switching costs being low, it gives them high bargaining power in the baby hygiene market.


The baby hygiene industry includes personal and sanitary care baby products. Sanitary care products include baby diapers and wipes while personal care baby products include skin and body care, hair care and oral care products. Personal care products have contributed higher to overall Asia-Pacific revenues during the review period. A primary factor for this trend is due to the vast array of skin, body, hair and oral care baby products available and demanded by consumers.


Asia-Pacific baby hygiene market consists of sanitary and personal care baby products. This region consists with a mixture of both organized and unorganized manufacturers operating in the market. However, the sanitary care market in the Asia-Pacific region is dominated by major organized manufacturers including P&G, Kimberly-Clark, Unicharm, Kao Corporation and DSG International.


Consumers in the Asia-Pacific regions have shifted towards the demand for herbal and organic baby products or pediatrician recommended products having low or no chemical mix. The improving literacy rate and hygiene standards have contributed to the change in consumer preferences. In countries including China, India and Thailand; there has been a rising demand for pant-style disposable diapers by a large number of consumers. In developing economies, the baby soap market has witnessed higher growth in revenues of liquid soap.


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