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Australian Heavy Duty Electrical Appliances to Emerge Gradually: Ken Research

Posted on 02 August 2017 by KenResearch Manufacturing And Construction,

An electric motor is a machine that converts electrical energy into mechanical energy. Majority of the electric motors operate with the interaction magnetic field and winding current to generate force. Electric motors are classified based on electric power source type, internal construction, application, type of motion output, and other factors.

Electric generator converts mechanical energy into electrical energy to generate power during power outage. A transformer transfers electrical energy between two or more circuits through electromagnetic induction. The varying current in one coil of the transformer produces a varying magnetic field, which induces a voltage in the second coil. Power is transferred between the two coils through the magnetic field, without a metallic connection. Transformers control the alternating voltages in electric power applications.

Generator is a reliable backup power supply and is generally used in residential, industrial and commercial sectors. Oil and gas industry, power generation, healthcare, information technology, agriculture, construction and real estate are some of the applications of generators. The electric generators market is driven by factors such as lack of reliable grid infrastructure, demand for steady power supply and need for emergency backup power solutions. Nevertheless, this market in Australia faces certain drawbacks such as high operating costs, launch of solar energy, fuel cells, and wind energy.

According to the report, “Electric Motors, Generators and Transformers in Australia: ISIC 311”, technological advancements have been observed in electric motor, generator and transformers market in the recent years. This progress has demanded for higher efficient electric motor, generator system and transformers in Australia. The benefits of power efficient electric motors are longer operating life, low maintenance, and lower energy consumption.

Electric motors and generators are widely used in various industries, such as aerospace, automotive, household appliances, industrial machinery, HVAC equipment, industrial fans, blowers, pumps, compressors, lathe machines, domestic appliances, machine tools, disk drives, electric cars, power tools, automated robots and in many more areas.

The improvements and innovation of energy efficient electric motors have attracted the electric motors and generators applications in hybrid or electrical vehicles, agricultural and industrial sector. The electric motors and generators are heavy in weight coupled with high cost which is the major factors affecting the growth of the electric motor, generator and transformers market in Australia.

The major competitors in the global electric motor, generator and transformer market are namely- Asmo Co Ltd., Arc Systems, Brook Crompton, Danahar Motion LLC, Ametek Inc., Rockwell Automation, Franklin Electric Co., Inc., Siemens Ag, Johnson Electric Holdings Ltd., Ametek Inc., Allied Motion Technologies Inc., Baldor Electric Company, and Siemens.

The market growth is expected to slow down because the Australian electricity industry struggles with inadequate capacity. The leading competitors in the electricity industry are Downer Energy Systems Pty Ltd and Wilson Transformer Co Pty Ltd, who focus on the renewable sources followed by ABB Australia Pty Ltd. Though, the electricity production has increased, the domestic demand for electric equipment remains limited, thus causing a decline in the electrical motors, generators and transformers market.

Majority of the consumers are observed reducing capital expenditure on new machinery and equipment that has contributed to a downfall in the electrical motors, generators and transformers market and revenue. However, with the introduction of wind and solar power plants; the electrical motors, generators and transformers market is sure to recover and grow (at a slow pace) in the coming years.


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