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Logistics and Shipping

Ken Research provides comprehensive market research reports covering the logistics and shipping industry. Our publications analyze the key trends in the industry to come with specific and accurate forecasts. Our reports offer excellent insights and a must-read for all players in the industry which has attained a reputation of containing business intelligence based on key-parameters such as the marketplace and its internal/external factors, understanding the competitive landscape and identifying potential opportunities and partnerships. 

Globalization has abridged the remoteness constraint amid geographies by inventing advanced means of transportation. Logistics and Shipping industry has prolonged from Maritime to Rail, Road and Air means of logistics and warehousing along with expansion in services from 3PL to 4PL which includes warehousing, shipping security, courier, packaging and value added services. In the face of greater globalization, trends in the logistics and shipping industry have shifted towards finding new means of reducing operational costs.

According to the research companies, for the economic performance the market of Logistics has played a vital role of respective economy. Like other African region, Kenya has structural issues such as logistics infrastructure but the ease of doing business and benefitted political climate has directed it ahead more significantly in the race. In addition, Kenya Logistics Market has observed a positive growth over the recent past years. The significant growth of Logistics market in Kenya was majorly owing to the government initiatives such as Kenya’s strategic location as the gateway to the east Africa, Standard Gauge Railway (SGR) and the thriving retail and import business. In addition, the logistics and warehousing market in Portugal has observed positive growth over the recent past years due to an augment in the investment by the government for advancement of the logistics infrastructure, increasing E-commerce and effective rise in export. The revenue generation has deducted in the recent past years owing to the variability and pursued till the reviewed period.

Furthermore, in the Portugal Freight Forwarding Market, the road freight was witnessed to be the foremost preferred mode of transportation owing to the improvement in the road infrastructure and relatively lower prices as compared to the several other modes of the transportation, followed by air and sea freight. Not only has this, in the terms of revenue, the International freight accounted the Portugal freight forwarding market. The Asian and European flow corridors were effectively witnessed as the principal contributor in terms of revenue in Portugal freight forwarding market. FMCG and automotive industries in the region frolicked a significant role, particularly for the domestic market. The freight forwarding market in Portugal is estimated to inclination in the coming years, propelled by increase in trading in the economy, outpouring in E-commerce industry along with unceasing investment by the government in improving the logistics infrastructure in Portugal. Additionally, the dependably increasing E-commerce industry will propel the courier and parcel market due to the effective rise in the demand of express delivery services specifically in the Business to Consumer segment.

Sideways, the corporate operating in the cold storage industry of Central Luzon can commence designated steps to develop their functioning and positioning in the industry. They can opt for automation, increase the cube density storage, control loss of heat, augment the usage of the warm solutions, assume the suitable dock to stock processes, track humidity and moisture and clean the cold storage capability. The potential corporate can also safeguard the ideal temperature varieties demanded by several categories of products such as fruits, vegetables, dairy products, confectionaries and several others.

Therefore, increasing E-commerce operations has provided the opportunities to logistics players in order to enlarge their business operations around the nation and it will further develop the demand of logistics and lead the market more significantly over the near years in the coming years. 

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