Qatar Retail Restaurant Industry is driven by large young and diverse urban population, rising levels of disposable income and heavy tourism traffic in the country: Ken Research

Buy Now Favorable Demographics and Income Levels: Qatar’s economy has grown by over ~150% (inflation-adjusted) over the last decade. More than 2Mn people in the country lying between the age group of 20-49 yrs while ~99% population living in urban areas having a median income of ~QAR 20,000-QAR 25,000 per month. This has translated into a… Read More »

Future of Global Parking Management Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Parking management refers to strategies that result in the more proficient use of parking resources. Parking management systems assist people in quickly find parking spots and also provide the requisite guidance for making the entire process smooth, reduce confusion, and enhancing the visitor experience. These systems include parking alerts in real-time, traveler information systems,… Read More »

Covid-19 Impact On Global Peptic Ulcer Drugs Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Gastrointestinal conditions such as gastritis, gastric ulcers, and duodenal ulcers or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) are denoted as peptic ulcers. Drugs utilized to cure peptic ulcers comprise the drugs that deduct the secretion of gastric ulcers, such as antagonists of the PPI and H2 receptors, and acid neutralization agents such as antacids and… Read More »

Prominent Development In Trends Of Saudi Arabia Automotive And Spare Parts Logistics Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Overview The Automotive and spare parts logistics is the administration of the movement of parts or products that are necessitated by dissimilar producers from one domicile to another. The worldwide automotive spare parts logistics market is projected to enlarge owing to an augment in vehicle production around the globe. The Spare parts logistics… Read More »

Effective Growth in Trends of Oral Biologics Biosimilars Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The oral biologics and biosimilar market contain of sales of oral biologics and biosimilar products and associated services utilized to treat chronic syndromes such as diabetes, arthritis, cancer. Biologics are drugs completed from living cells using exceedingly complex technology while biosimilars are generated to function similarly to biologics but are not matching to… Read More »

Growing Insights Of Romania Agriculture Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Romania has an agricultural capability of roughly 14.7 million hectares, of that solely 10 million are utilized as tillable land. In November 2008, an evaluation unconcealed that 6.8 million hectares don’t seem to be used. In 2018 Romania was the third biggest agricultural producer of the EU and created the biggest quantity of… Read More »

Forthcoming Development of Uruguay Agriculture Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now Agriculture has continually been of nice importance for Uruguay, as feeding the world’s largest population isn’t a straightforward task. Uruguay’s main agricultural product are indigenous cattle meat, whole fresh cow milk, paddy rice, wheat, soybeans, grapes, greasy wool, indigenous chicken meat, indigenous sheep meat, and edible seed. There are 759,000 hectares of organic… Read More »

Covid-19 Impact On Global Oncology Drugs Market Outlook: Ken Research

Buy Now The Oncology is a ground of cancer science and care. Cancer is a sickness in which abnormal cells enlarge and divide uncontrolled. Drugs oncology is accommodating in the support of cancer diagnosis. Tobacco and smoking, infectious syndromes, genetic factors, carcinogens, bacterial infections, physical activity, dietary habits, and age are some of the sources… Read More »