Qatar Education Market Research Report: Ken Research

Qatar Education Market Research Report: Ken Research

What is the potential of qatar education market? Which are the major segments?

In Qatar, the education industry is at its growth stage. The government of Qatar aims to set up a world class education system in the country offering education according to international standards. The education sector of Qatar went under a complete reform with the constitution of RAND (Research and Development) commission by the leaders of Qatar in 2001.

The Qatar education market has been growing owing to increasing number of enrollments in both public and private universities, due to various courses available in the revised curriculum in the education system. The decreasing tuition fees in the private schools and colleges further fuelled the growth of enrollments of students in the private universities. Moreover, the government is emphasizing education institutions to shift towards international curriculum for international accreditations and recognition.

In addition, the government is heavily investing in the education market of Qatar and is trying to pull further private investments in the sector.

Due to the higher disposable income of the people of Qatar and the preference of the parents to give their child quality education has encouraged the students of Qatar to study abroad. This has increased the market size of the Test Preparation market over the years. The rising numbers of expatriates in Qatar and the E-Learning portals have resulted in more enrollments in the private schools of the country, hence raising the revenue generated by the players.


By Sector (K-12 Education, Higher Education and Test Preparatory)

Based on the sector, the market is segmented into K-12 schools, Higher Education and Test Preparatory. The dominant segment is the K-12 education market having ~% CAGR during the review period 2013 to 2018. This is followed by the Qatar higher education market having USD ~ million in terms of revenue in 2018.

Qatar K-12 Education Segmentation

By Type of Schools (Government and Private Schools)

The percentage of students enrolling in the private universities is more as compared to the government institutions. In 2018, ~% of the students enrolled for private schools and ~ number of the students enrolled in the public institutes. The reason behind the higher market share of private schools was presence of highly qualified teaching professionals and use of latest technologies such as online education portals to impart education to students.

By Levels of Education

Among all the education levels, the Primary schools have the maximum market share in Qatar K-12 Education market.  This is due to the fact that no tuition fee is charged from the Qatari nationals by the Public schools. The government of Qatar has emphasized on imparting at least the basic education to the children of its country. Therefore, this has resulted in high number of enrollments in Primary schools as compared to the other schools in the Qatar K-12 Education market. The Primary school segment is followed by the Pre-Primary schools segment, having a market share of ~% in 2018. The Preparatory School has ~ number of enrollments, making it rank number 3 in terms of the market share in Qatar K-12 Education Market, followed by the Secondary schools segment.

By Level of Education on the Basis of Nationality (Qataris and Non-Qataris)

In Qatar K-12 Education segment, the non-Qataris have captured more market share in terms of number of enrollments, as compared to the Qatari nationals, owing to adoption of international curriculum by the Qatari government and as well as the rising number of expatriates in the country. It was witnessed that both the expatriates and Qatari Nationals prefer studying in the international schools because of the better quality of education offered.

Qatar Higher Education Segmentation

As the education level gets higher, the tuition fees also increases due to the quality of education delivered, scope of curriculum, teaching professional’s skill set and technologies & facilities used.

The Ministry of Education in Qatar is taking initiatives such as settling up an annual budget, more number of schools and colleges, incorporating the latest technology and many more in order to elevate the standards of their education in Qatar.

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Qatar Education Market Outlook to 2023

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