Increase in Road Traffic Congestion Expected to Drive Global Air Taxi Market over the Forecast Period: Ken Research

Buy Now The air taxi is a well-organized aircraft to commute over shorter distances. Its compact size & operational capabilities allow it to land and take-off from littler runways. It offers various benefits such as preserving wealth through proactive management or suitable strategies, it assists with the allocation of prosperity from one generation to next… Read More »

Increase in E-Mobility and On-Demand Services Expected to Drive Global Automotive Blockchain Market: Ken Research

Buy Now Automotive Blockchain is considered as a continuously expanding list of records, which are linked together using cryptography. It is used to record & stores data for further processes related to automobile. It includes various processes for instance smart contracts, Internet-of-Things (IoT) along with other processes involved in car sales, warranty claim processing, service… Read More »

Growth in Development of Autonomous Vehicle Expected to Drive Global Drive by Wire Market: Ken Research

Buy Now A drive-by wire is a technology that makes use of key electronic systems to control a vehicle. It is also known as a semi-automatic computer-controlled advanced technology being widely used in the cars. This technology also employs the key electronics components such as sensors and actuators to efficiently control the vehicular system including the… Read More »

Increase in Automobile Production Expected to Drive Global Advanced Tires Market: Ken Research

Buy Now The Advanced tires are comprising of various types of materials, consisting of airless tube designed for reducing the possibility of getting punctured. The area of contact such tires have been designed with a very less enabling to enhance the overall fuel efficiency of the vehicle. The use of such advanced tires facilitates vehicles for traveling at a… Read More »