Massive underlying development in E-retail, E-commerce and Supply Chain will improve online furniture & home décor landscape in India: Ken Research

Buy Now Key Findings Huge surge in demand of online furniture and home décor items from Tier 2 and Tier 3 cities would be witnessed in FY’27 owing to increasing digital penetration in these cities. Growth of corporates, retail, hospitality and healthcare sectors have raised the demand for the commercial real estate and would provide… Read More »

Global Built-In Microwave Market Growth Is Driven by Increase In Number of Nuclear Families: Ken Research

Buy Now Microwave presently form an integral part of kitchen appliances. Microwave oven operates on thermal energy by heating the polar molecules in food, a process also better known as dialectic heating. The microwave radiations discharged from microwave ovens are of shorter wavelength, but possess massive amount of energy that facilitates faster cooking. Microwave ovens,… Read More »

India Online Furniture and Home Décor Market, Sales, Revenue, Growth, Analysis, Major Players and Shares: Ken Research

Buy Now How is the Online Furniture & Home Décor Market Positioned in India? Overview: The Indian Furniture Market stood at ₹ ~ Cr in FY’2022. The growing middle-class population, rising disposable income, and the growing number of urban homes have contributed to the expansion of the Indian furniture market. The industry is still largely… Read More »

India Online Furniture and Home Décor Market has witnessed a Strong Growth Trajectory Backed by Competitive Technological Advancements: Ken Research

Buy Now India News Increased Digitization: The e-retail business in India is being boosted by technology improvements, such as the availability of high-speed internet networks, like 4G, and increased adoption of smart devices. Customers were able to purchase furniture more easily through online channels, as a result of these improvements. Furthermore, the growing number of… Read More »

India Online Furniture and Home Décor Market Outlook to FY’2027: Ken Research

Buy Now The report titled “India Online Furniture & Home Décor Market Outlook to FY’2027 – Driven by Expanding Customer Base and Increasing Government Initiatives to Promote Furniture Industry” provides a comprehensive analysis of the potential of online furniture & home décor market in India. The report covers various aspects including revenue generated from online… Read More »

Global Commercial Cooking Equipment Market Is Predicted to Propel Owing to Growth In Technologically Improved Products: Ken Research

Buy Now Commercial kitchen equipment are appliances that are utilize to produce, store and, cook food which varieties from cooling equipment, Heating equipment, Preparation equipment, Washing equipment to kitchen display systems. The assistances of kitchen equipment’s such as decreased labor cost, developed productivity, minimal wastage etc. are adding pace to the growth of the market.… Read More »

Global Artificial Plants Market Is Predicted to Propel Owing to Growing Demand for Artificial Plants: Ken Research

Buy Now Artificial plants are imitations of natural plants utilized for commercial or residential decoration. They are sometimes made for scientific determinations (the collection of glass flowers at Harvard University, for example, illustrates the flora of the United States). Artificial plants vary broadly from mass-produced varieties that are distinguishable from real plants by casual observation… Read More »

Global Air Purifier Market Is Predicted to Propel Owing to Increasing Disposable Income: Ken Research

Buy Now Air purifiers are specific devices utilized to remove infecting/polluting particles comprising dust or pollen and filter the air for industrial or domestic usages. Air purifier is also utilized to manage the air-quality high while slowing the spread of damaging substances. It can safeguard the numerous air-pollution caused diseases such as neurological issues or… Read More »

Furniture Market Research Reports | Furniture Market Research Reports Consulting | Wooden Furniture Market: Ken Research

Furniture is a prerequisite for all residential and commercial spaces. It fills office and living spaces and is responsible for comfort and productivity. Therefore, the demand for this market increases enormously over time. Furniture comes in a variety of seating options such as accent chairs, living room sofas to add elegance, sleeping, dining, working, storage… Read More »