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Rapid Industrialization Triggering China Boiler Industry: Ken Research

Posted on 20 October 2016 by KenResearch Metal Mining and Chemical,

The research report titled “RESEARCH REPORT ON BOILER INDUSTRY IN CHINA, 2011-2020” gives detailed information on Supply and Demand of Industrial Boilers in China. It highlights Policies Published by Chinese Government Concerning Boiler Industry and competition exists in the market. Major Boiler Manufacturers in China and Boiler Industry forecast has also been discussed in detail.

According to Ken Research ,China’s environmental pollution has become more alarming resulting in governments at different levels to take rigorous steps like restricting the use of coal fired boilers and providing subsidies to companies for coal-to-gas transformations. This benefits the gas fired boilers as they rapidly take up the market share of coal fired ones. It is not economically viable to transform several sets of coal fired boilers into one set of gas fired ones without government subsidies. Reducing the use of coal while promoting gas will be a fast and an effective way to solve air pollution. During 2007-2013, industrial boiler output posted a CAGR OF 16.3%. China’s boiler ownership and capacity both rank first around the world and China’s energy efficiency would be among the highest in the world. In 2013, China’s industrial boiler output kept on growing, surging by 16.71% year-on-year.

Raw coal is the coal used for industrial boilers which is used without washing or extracting and contains high percentage of dust and sulfur with relatively large molecule sizes. Therefore it causes pollution emission level to be high (around 45%-65%) of urban air pollution and combustion efficiency of burning coal is low.

Although coal is a major input for industrial production and most often used in daily life in China but as seen from the above figure, the proportion of coal expects to decrease from 68.1% in 2010 to 59.5% in 2030 under the BAU scenario. In contrast the shares of natural gas and renewable energy are estimated to increase from 3.4% and 9.3% in 2010 to 5.5% and 15.8% in 2030

It has been forecasted that most energy-intensive products for infrastructure construction will increase until 2020 whereas the products which are closely related to everyday life are expected to increase until 2030, although at a declining rate. In 2004, the National Development and Reform Commission released the Special Plan for Medium and Long Term Energy Conservation which targeted comprehensive energy efficiency of most energy-intensive products to reach the average level of developed countries by 2020.

According to Ken Research  There are over 5,000 boiler producers in China, involving more than 500 Grade A companies, around 800 Grade B ones, about 2,000 Grade C ones and more than 1,600 Grade D ones. 
Industrial boiler requires lower manufacturing qualification than power station boiler, which is the reason why such a large number of producers are equipped in the industrial boiler area like Taishan Group, Jianglian Heavy Industry, Hangzhou Boiler, Nantong Wanda and Anhui Jinding Boiler. Taishan Group is the major player covering almost all the industrial boiler products and power station boilers whereas Jianglian Heavy Industry mainly focuses on waste heat boiler and circulating fluidized bed. Hangzhou Boiler is an A-share listed company, specializing in power station boiler, waste heat boiler and some industrial boilers. According to Ken Research analyst

Topics Covered in the Report-

China Boiler Industry Research

Coal Availability in China

Natural Gas Industry in China

Coal Fired Boilers Policies China

Standards on Boiler Emission China

Gas Fired Boilers market China

China Boiler Industry Forecast

Industrial Boilers Output China

Power Station Boilers Output China

Power Station Boilers Sector China

Industrial Boiler Manufacturers China

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