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Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing

The Vietnam market has augmented at a positive double digit CAGR during the reviewed period. However, the developing market in this region are placed is at increasing stage along the wide potential in future enlargement in both urban and sub urban areas. The entire addressable market in the Vietnam region for the fitness services has been widening. Moreover, several aspects that leading the growth to the Vietnam Fitness Service involve huge expenditure by the corporates towards the brand promotion activities and marketing, increasing the awareness related to the obesity and to overcome the health issues and several other are the foremost factors which have fueled the requirement for the fitness services centers in Vietnam.

Not only has this, the other market such as the Vietnam Ophthalmology Market is at an increasing stage as the number of healthcare centers and hospitals in the Vietnam Ophthalmology Market is gradually growing over the time. Furthermore, the Vietnam Ophthalmology Market is effectively witnessed to be fragmented. Ho Chi Minh City Eye Hospital is the foremost players of the market controlling the efficient number of consultations.

It has been predicted that in the coming years, the Vietnam Ophthalmology Market will grow at a double digit positive CAGR based on the number of consultations, throughout the forecasted period more positively.

For instance, in Vietnam, the integrated facility management market is relatively at an augmenting stage and its attractiveness has increased more positively in outsourcing of services and an effective aim to attain the cost and operation efficiency, for both the customers and merchants. Based on the personnel type, in 2018 the facility management market across the Vietnam was registered by services which were delivered through in-house labor to the other corporates in the market. It registered more than half share in the total revenue in the FM market, the remaining share dominated by the outsourced personnel.

With the above stated markets in Vietnam, it is anticipated that in the coming years, the markets in Vietnam will increase across the globe more enormously over the forecasted period.

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