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Skillsoft, Antoree, Coursepad, Epiphany lead the Market Share in Singapore E-Learning Content Market on the Basis of Revenue : ken Research

Posted on 28 September 2016 by KenResearch Education and Recruitment,

Singapore e-learning companies serve the purpose of providing technology and content to various sectors such as corporate, educational institutes, government agencies and privately owned enterprises. In recent years there has been substantial development in Infrastructure, ICT sectors, demographic profile and an increased demand for skilled workers.

Greater focus on skill development and demand for literate workforce has led to an increase in the consumer spending on education in the country. The rising spending trends would encourage schools and universities to spend more on unique learning technologies and course digitization to higher extent.

Entrepreneurial environment in Singapore has provided enormous business opportunities to the e learning sector in Singapore. The rising demand for LMS systems has given an upward thrust to a number of companies which have set up business in the organized and unorganized segment of the e-learning market in the country.

The rising number of companies providing e-learning has made the competition severe and only a few companies would be able to survive the stringent competition prevailing in the market. Wizlearn Technologies has developed vast Learning Management system which has over 100 e-learning and administrative tools that allow for customization according to the user needs. The content market not only covers the content selling companies but also covers the private institutions and universities that provide Massive Online Open Courses (MOOC’s)

The corporate training and K-12 segment give higher weightage to the symmetry of content provided to the trainees, hence act a as a major demand source for these products. The penetration of digital education in Singapore has increased at a rapid pace in government and private schools, pre-nursery schools, school labs, colleges and universities, in the last few years as the ICT master plans in education have progressed.

Gamification in e-learning enables learners to rehearse real-life scenarios and challenges in a safe environment. In the field of online education, Gamification is used to promote the commitment of employees and students to the learning process

Corporate eLearning is growing on not only because the devices are everywhere, but because companies struggle with their Learning and Development budgets. Companies understand that continuous learning is a must for enhancing workforce productivity. But bringing in live trainers is expensive and similarly sending people out to be trained is expensive too.

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