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Cheaper Imported Beers has led to the darkness in the Finland Beer Market: Ken Research

Posted on 13 December 2016 by KenResearch Food and Beverage,

Ken Research has announced its recent publication on Finland beer market insights report 2016; in-depth analysis of key companies, brands, volume, value and segmentation trends and opportunities in the beer market,” which offers detailed overview of the Finland beer industry structure which further offers a comprehensive insight into past background trends, 2015 performance and 2016 outlook. The production incorporates the shrewd investigation of top line production, import, export and consumption volume data by segment, brand distribution (on-/off premises) from 2005-2015 with forecasts for 2016, details of significant beer new product launches in 2015 by company, overview of the competitive landscape in the beer market with analysis of major companies performance. Data is also available in excel along with the valuable analysis of the drivers behind both current and emerging trends in the beer market.

Finland has the highest beer tax in the EU

The poor spring and summer weather hampered the volume sales of beer in 2015. Likewise, the poor condition of the Finnish economy, in combination with high unit prices following a progression of tax hikes over the review period, additionally affected sales and resulted in a continued high level of private imports, mainly from Estonia. Finland has the highest beer tax in the EU, which is five times higher than that in Estonia. In addition, the close proximity of Estonia, good ferry associations  and special services developed to make alcohol purchases fast and simple for Finns travelling to Estonia have all created a huge industry for the private import of alcoholic drinks into Finland, which has clearly hurt domestic beer sales. However, although overall volume sales declined, there were critical contrasts inside the classification. Domestic lager posted the strongest decline, while speciality beers such as ale, stout and weissbier/weizen/wheat beer saw very dynamic growth

Sinebrychoff (owned by Carlsberg) continued to lead beer in Finland in 2015, accounting for a 37% share of volume sales. The company has been existing in Finland for over 100 years and has thus built a portfolio of well-known and trusted brands. Sinebrychoff’s Karhu and Koff brands are hence majorly associated with Finnish culture. Another brewery with longstanding roots in Finland is second-ranked player Hartwall (owned by Royal Unibrew). The company held a 26% share of volume sales in 2015. Like Sinebrychoff’s beer brands, Hartwall’s Karjala and Lapin Kulta are very well-known domestically. Both companies enjoy not only consumer trust even more excellent distribution networks and constantly revitalise their product portfolios with new launches.

Latest Trends

The consumption of beer has declined as a result of a consistent lack of confidence in the economy, which has moreover led Finnish consumers to opt for cheaper imports from countries such as Estonia. Large modern retail stores accounts for the highest market shares, both by volume and by value. The channel accounted for 85% by volume and 55% by value, leaving the remainder to EDA. Metal packaging ruled supreme during 2015 accounting for 89% of total market share. Metal cans absorbed 77% of market volume and continued to grow. With a staggering economy and low disposable income, consumers reduced their on-premise beer consumption.

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