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Rise in Investments in Europe Road and Rail Projects: Ken Research

Posted on 06 February 2017 by KenResearch Manufacturing And Construction,

Ken Research has announced publication titled, “Project Insight – Road and Rail Construction Projects in Europe” which provides detailed market analysis, information and insights based on almost 900 Construction Intelligence Center projects in Europe. The report furnishes explained metrics on the region's road and railway construction projects split by country, type and value. The combined value of projects tracked in the countries stands at USD 1.43 trillion.

The projects involved are at various stages of development, and fall into four main categories: railways, roads, trams and metros, and tunnels and bridges. Top participants for this sector are also shown well.

It gives an insight into the main drivers of activity and forecasts, and a comprehension of key trends and properly analyzes the main project participants by value and sector, enabling clients to target products and services for each type of project. It also provides top project data for various types of road and railway construction project, with location, value, stage and start date. 


Key Market Dynamics


  • Investment levels in constructions in Europe have grown well despite the economic crisis that has led the economy to a stagnant position and not grow in absolute terms.


  • The average valuation of road and rail projects across all projects tracked is USD 1.6 billion where the railway projects dominate, with a combined value of USD 782.3 billion, accounting for 55% of the total value.


  • Russia tops amongst the projects with a value of USD 343.9 billion.


  • The UK's project has an amount of USD 274.4 billion, and includes high-value railway projects, notably the Cross rail projects linking east to west and north to south across London, and the High-Speed project.


  • Investment in transport infrastructure is comparatively low in Germany at USD 67.1 billion while Turkey has prioritized transport infrastructure as a means of developing the country's economy and tourism sector.


  • Denmark and Switzerland reckon for the road and railway projects with the lowest values, with USD 22.1 billion and USD 24.1 billion.


  • Infrastructure activities in Europe is one of the main growth sectors, especially in the road and rail sectors, as the economies in the region start to recover and as cross-border transport links are nourished and is forecasted to remain its growth rate in the years to proceed.



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