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Initiatives of NGOs to Increase Awareness about Glaucoma in Emerging Economies is Expected to Generate Revenue for Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market in Future

Posted on 31 August 2016 by KenResearch Healthcare,

Ken Research announced its latest publication on Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market Outlook to 2020 – New Product Launches Expected to Boost Market” provides a comprehensive analysis of the glaucoma treatment drugs market. The report includes the market share contributed by the sales of generic and patented drugs globally for treatment of glaucoma. Further, the market in the study is differentiated by various parameters such as drug classes which include prostaglandin analogues, alpha agonist, beta blockers, carbonic Anhydrase inhibitors, cholinergic, and combined medications. On the basis of formulation, glaucoma treatment drugs market is categorized into topical eye drops, semisolid dosage forms and pills. The market is also segmented by six geographical regions across the globe – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Latin America, and Rest of the World. Detailed snapshot on key regions of the Market which includes North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific is included in the report to elucidate facts about the market in detail. The study also highlights the detailed information about major drug manufacturers in the global glaucoma treatment drugs market and their respective shares by revenue in 2015. Analysis on pipeline products, patented drugs available in the market, and difference between generic and patented drugs is provided in report to assist new entrants in understanding the market before investing in the market. Various marketing analysis factors such as trends and developments and Porter’s five forces analysis are also added in the study for clear understanding about the factors responsible for present scenario of the market. The future analysis of overall global glaucoma treatment drugs market has also been discussed along with recommendations from analyst view, according to Research Analyst, Ken Research.

High prevalence of glaucoma in emerging economies is demanding for awareness programs which could educate people about the disease and treatment options. It has been estimated that more than ten million people were suffering from glaucoma in 2015, around one-tenth among them were blind. Similarly, it has been predicted that Glaucoma was leading cause of blindness in Hong Kong and the diseases resulted in blindness in approximately two million people in China in 2015. These statistics clearly advocated the need of spreading awareness about glaucoma and available treatment options. A study conducted in India by Department of Ophthalmology, S D M College of Medical Sciences and Hospital, Sattur, Dharwad, Karnataka clearly defined the unawareness about glaucoma in the market. It was concluded that minimal share of the total subjects recruited for the study were aware about glaucoma or had any knowledge about the disease. These statistics have attracted the attention of various NGOs and government to spread awareness about the glaucoma and associated treatment options. The key awareness programs included National Program for Control of Blindness in India, Orbis Flying Eye Hospital (FEH) Program in China, Prime Healthcare Group Glaucoma Awareness Campaign in UAE, IAPB Vision 2020 Workshop in Indonesia, and Malaysia Glaucoma Society in Malaysia.

“In order to penetrate into the growing glaucoma treatment drugs market, the market players could plan to invest in emerging economies of Asia and Latin America especially India and China. The companies should expand their marketing and sales initiatives in these countries for providing medications in less time. Moreover, the companies could also plan to establish their manufacturing units in Asian countries. This would result in availability of medications in fewer prices to the patients in cost sensitive markets” according to Research Analyst, Ken Research.


Key Topics Covered in the Report:

•             The market size of Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

-              By Revenues

•             Market segmentation of Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market on the basis

-              By Drug Class – Prostaglandin Analogues, Alpha Agonist, Beta Blockers, Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors, Cholinergic, and Combined Medications

-              By Formulations – Topical Eye Drops, Semisolid Dosage Forms, and Pills

-              By Geographical Regions – North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, Middle East, and Rest of the World

•             Snapshot on North America Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Snapshot on Europe Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Snapshot on Asia Pacific Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Porter’s Five Forces Analysis for Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Trends and Developments in Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Snapshot on Patented Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Generic versus Branded Glaucoma Drugs

•             Pipeline Analysis of Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Competitive Landscape and Detailed Company Profiles of the Major Market Players

•             Future Outlook and Projections of Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

•             Analyst Recommendations

•             Macro-economic Factors Impacting the Global Glaucoma Treatment Drugs Market

Key Products Mentioned in the Report

Lumigan, Travatan Z, Combigan, Xalatan, Simbrinza Suspension, Azopt, Zioptan, Istalol, Cosopt PF, Vasneo, Rhopressa, Roclatan, Trabodenoson, Prostaglandin Analogues, Beta Blockers, Alpha Agonists, Carbonic Anhydrase Inhibitors, Cholinergic, and Combination Medications

Key Market Players Covered in the Report:

Alcon, Allergan plc, Akorn Inc., Bausch & Lomb Incorporated, Pfizer Inc, Merck & Co. Inc, Aerie Pharmaceuticals, Inotek Pharmaceuticals, Santen Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd

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