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Promising Future of Global Micro SD Card Industry: Ken Research

Posted on 04 April 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

Ken Research has released its report on the global micro (secure digital) SD industry - Global Micro SD industry situation and prospects 2017. SD cards are extensively used in electronic devices, such as smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, and computers for storing information. Though very small in size, SD cards store huge amount of information.

According to Ken Research report, the global micro SD industry is expected to grow at a healthy CAGR thanks to the growing use of smart phones, tablets, digital cameras, and computers across the world.

The report provides valuable market insights about the trends and forecasts related to the microSD industry. Market players can benefit from the information regarding development policies, plans, manufacturing processes and cost structures of the industry. This information will help investors/companies to formulate better plans and strategies for succeeding in a competitive landscape.

The report also contains in-depth information on import/export, supply and consumption figures, revenue and gross margin by regions (the United States, EU, China and Japan). The same data can be added for other regions. It also serves as a valuable source of information about leading industry players with their company profiles, capacity, actual production, product price, product pictures/specifications, revenue and contact information.

Outlook of the MicroSD Industry

Various factors have contributed to the growth of micro SD cards such as their small size, ease of use and high performance. In comparison to other flash storage technologies, micro SD cards are proving to be more handy and economical for downloading and storing lots of games, apps and movies in smartphones. The consumers buying smart phones go for SD cards of bigger storage capacities.

Growing fascination of clicking oneself and storing photos in smart phones and the rising popularity of gaming point to the huge potential of the micro SD cards market. Today people are spending enormous amounts on gaming consoles,so their needs for SD cards are increasing. People who are passionate about gaming often buy additional SD cards for storing their games.

Types of SD Cards

The SD memory card market is segmented, based on the card type – SD card, micro SD card and mini SD card.The micro SD card segment has a dominant share in this industry.SD cards are used in most modern digital cameras and laptops, whereas microSD cards are used predominantly in smartphones.


In terms of capacity, two types of micro SD cards are available. These are: micro SDHC (Secure Digital High Capacity) cards and micro SDXC (secure digital extra capacity) cards. The micro SDHCcard fulfils the capacity requirement between 2GB and 32GB, while the micro SDXC card goes far beyond the 32GB capacity.Currently, the largest microSDXC card is 128GB, which is smaller than the largest SDXC card, mainly because of the small physical size of the Micro SD cards.


Wider Applications of the MicroSD Industry

Apart from the use of the SD cards in smartphones and tablets, they are also finding application in the industrial sector. For example,in the automotive sector,SD cards are used for capturing videos from various external cameras.  In future, the role of the SD cards in cars could potentially be expanded to capture video in case of accidents and/or theft.

Another application of SD cards is in defence and security where these cards are used to store the footage recorded by surveillance cameras. The footage can provide a reliable memory solutionin times of cyber hacking.

Regional Segmentation

The Asia-Pacific region has been dominating in the SD memory card market thanks to the growing demand for these cards in Indiaand China. In 2014, the Asia-Pacific region alone accounted for a market share which was equal to the collective share Europe and North America in the global the SD card market.

In the coming years, the Middle East and Africa are likely to be lucrative regions to invest, as the potential market in these regions has remained untapped.


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Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications