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Increasing Usage of Plastic Pipes in Sewage and Construction Sector Projects Along with Technological Innovation to Foster Europe Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market: Ken Research

Posted on 19 July 2017 by KenResearch Manufacturing And Construction,

The plastic pipes industry has seen continuous innovation in order to make it suitable for different purposes. The plastic pipes and fittings market has seen growing demand in the last five years due to various properties of plastic pipes such as flexibility, corrosion resistance, easier installation, lower maintenance and lesser cost as compared to that of traditional material pipes. The potable water supply sector has seen increasing usage of plastic pipes. Adding to this, providing drinking water through plastic pipes involves avoiding water loss and protecting the water quality from potential pollution. Furthermore, they combine the advantages of longevity and durability with ease of installation and handling. They offer a long-term cost-effective solution. Plastic pipe systems used for the distribution of drinking water outside of buildings are mostly made from PVC-U and PE. European countries have been investing to develop the wastewater and drainage infrastructure. Several major projects for sewage and drainage sector were undertaken during 2016 including Blackburn Meadows Wastewater Treatment plant Upgrade, UK (2016), Ringsend Wastewater Treatment Plant Upgrade Project, Ireland ( 2016), Henriksdal Wastewater Treatment Plant, Sweden (2016) and many others. The plastic pipes market has seen the largest demand from the sewage and wastewater treatment sector.

Furthermore, due to adoption of latest irrigation techniques such as drip irrigation, sprinklers and others, the demand for plastic pipes in the agriculture sector has grown in the last five years owing to peculiar characteristics. Plastic pipe based agriculture system can provide effective solutions for growing crops by cutting cost and preventing water wastage. The condition of the construction sector has a major impact on the demand for plastic pipes. The construction output growth seems to be very positive due to the massive influx of migrants in Western European countries such as Germany, Netherlands which will result in the higher need for housing. The Eastern Europe saw a strong performance in housing construction due to support from the government. This presented a huge opportunity for the plastic pipes industry as constructing house and infrastructure construction always require plastic pipes. The plastic pipes market has also seen continuous innovation in the last five years which have made plastic pipes more economical and have opened new markets for the industry.   

The report titled Europe Plastic Pipes and Fittings Market Outlook to 2021 – Growing Sewage Sector and Construction Activities to Foster Future Growthby Ken Research suggested a robust CAGR of 1.6% in revenue of the Europe plastic pipes and fittings market by 2021with PVC pipes and wastewater renovation projects driving the revenues of this market in the future.


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