Leveraging Data Analytics to Make Students Exam-Ready

31-Jul-2020 Mr Abhishek Patil, Designation:Co-Founder & CEO, Oliveboard Author: Akshit Goel

Strong rise in adoption for Online Test Preparation Courses majorly from students in Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities due to increased accessibility, high popularity of government jobs and dearth of suitable offline coaching institutes in these regions.

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Digital Enablement Shaping the Pre-Owned Car Industry in Saudi Arabia - Ken Research

30-Jul-2020 Mr. Omar Tahboub, Designation:Deputy CEO, Syarah Author: Arun

The shifting preference of the people towards digital mediums, while making used car buying decision, has led to the introduction of various auto focused online classifieds and retailing platforms in Saudi Arabia. Consumers these days are looking for a wide variety of choice to make an informed decision. The massive used car business in the country is gradually adapting to the change and witnessing growth.  

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Adoption of Integrated Cold Chain Models to Boost Investments - Ken Research

23-Jul-2020 Mr. Yogesh, Designation:North Head, Sical Logistics Author: Harsh Mittal

The Cold Chain Market in India has not been impacted drastically by the pandemic as compared to other sectors, since most of the commodities transported through Cold Chain are essential commodities such as milk, diary, sea food, fruits and vegetables. 

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Activity Kits and Interactive Learning Revolutionizing Education for Kids

22-Jul-2020 Rishi Das, Designation:CEO and Co-Founder, Xplorabox Author: Saloni Bhalotiya

Increasing awareness about early childhood development has led to the introduction of multiple after school learning solutions and products in India. Parents are looking for educational products that enable skill development in fun and self-engaging manner. The education industry has been evolving to cater to the changing social and personal educational standards.

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Health Tech in Philippines – Digitalization is a new prerequisite for Healthy living – in Conversation with Jay Fajardo, CEO– Medifi

21-Jul-2020 Mr. Jay Fajardo, Designation:Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Medifi– A Healthcare Tele-consultancy provider Author: Aishwarya Kochhar

Healthcare sector has become notably important for each country’s growth and with the advent of new players in the market, healthcare services have evolved from doctor visits to online consultations.

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Health Tech in Indonesia – The next big Tech Revolution in the Making – in Conversation with Grace Tahir, CEO and Co-Founder – Medico, Director – Mayapada Hospitals

20-Jul-2020 Ms. Grace Tahir, Designation:Co-Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Medico Author: Jalaj Bhayana

Healthcare sector has been impacted notably after the entry of Health Tech companies into the industry. 

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Entry of New Players and High Retention Rate observed in KSA Online Grocery Market during the Pandemic: Ken Research

10-Jul-2020 Asim Jamil, Designation:Co Founder & CEO, Qareeb.com Author: Shefali Jain

KSA Online Grocery Market value has doubled since inception, suggesting that consumers are starting to get more comfortable ordering essentials foods items online.

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Rapid Shifts from Conventional Classroom-based Test Prep to Online Learning

08-Jul-2020 Mr. Arpit Oswal, Designation:Head of Product, Testbook Author: Akshit Goel

There has been a major curve in the strategies of classroom test-prep behemoths such as Aakash, TIME, and Career Launcher, where these entities are gradually migrating to or introducing small elements of online learning.

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Current and Future Prospects of Pharmacy Retail Operations in Malaysia

06-Jul-2020 Mr Amrahi Buang, Designation:President, Malaysia Pharmaceutical Society (MPS) Author: Nishtha Noonwala

In the short run, the pharmacy retail market in Malaysia poise a compelling opportunity with increased government spending on health care sector along with initiatives to increase health related awareness in rural regions of the country. However in the long run, the revenues pertaining to pharmacy retail market is expected to contribute the most from the OTC drugs segment.

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Achieving Excellence in K-12 Education by Involving All the Entities in the Ecosystem

29-Jun-2020 Ms. Swagata Roy, Designation:Director, Extramarks Author: Akshit Goel

Indian test preparation market has been through a transitional phase during the past few decades, from one-to-one personal coaching to group coaching of a large pool of students by numerous organized players.

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Catering to the Huge Government Job Craze in India

25-Jun-2020 Mr Anil Nagar, Designation:Founder & CEO, Adda 247 Author: Akshit Goel

The prospect of a government job is often equated with massive job security, earned respect and additional perks in India. 

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India Home Healthcare – Transforming the Healthcare Industry

24-Jun-2020 Mr. Abhishek Malik, Designation:Regional Head – North and East, Healthcare at Home Author: Arun Pillai

The home healthcare market in India is still in its early growth stage with the presence of a large number of players, with some offering only a single specialty service to others offering multiple services across various regions.

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Understanding the Importance of Delivering Personalized Customer Experience towards Online Grocery Shopping: Ken Research

23-Jun-2020 Amira Rashad, Designation:Co-Founder & CEO, BulkWhiz Author: Shefali Jain

Online grocery sales in the region have surged recently, as more people are avoiding crowded places and turning to online shopping owing to the corona pandemic.

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The Growing Need for Analytics Skills Development, met through Ed-Tech - Ken Research

25-May-2020 Ms. Geetika Goel, Designation:CTO, Jigsaw Academy

Jigsaw Academy is one of the premier Online Analytics Education Company, functioning in the Ed-Tech space today.

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Understanding Udemy’s Marketplace Model of Learning and its Heavy Focus on India - Ken Research

25-May-2020 Mr. Irwin Anand, Designation:India MD, Udemy

Ed-Tech players such as Udemy are extending the proposition of Online Self-Paced Practical Learning which allows professional and students to develop their professional skill-set and work towards achieving their long term professional goals.

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Understanding Intellipaat’s Focus on Technologies of the Future - Ken Research

25-May-2020 Mr. Diwakar Chittora, Designation:Founder and CEO, Intellipaat

Up-Skilling and Re-Skilling in order to stay in touch with the rapidly evolving technological trends, is now a standard requirement in India’s professional landscape.

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Diagnostic Laboratory Market in India - From Preventive Testing to a Wellness Approach

18-May-2020 Mr. Indranil Roy Choudhury, Designation:Chief Operating Officer, Diagno Labs Pvt Ltd

A gradual shift of consumer behavior from preventive testing to a wellness approach has changed the diagnostics sector drastically. A number of government initiatives such as Ayushman Bharat hopes to penetrate within rural India, in order to bridge the gap between the rural and urban areas.

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Diagnostic Laboratory Markets in India-A Healthcare Revolution in the Making

18-May-2020 Dr. Kunal Sharma, Designation:Pathology Section Head, SRL Reference laboratory and Consultant Oncopathologist- Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore

With COVID-19 causing a drastic change in industries, the health industry is also expected to see a considerable change. “Precaution is better than cure” is quite suitable for the Indian consumers as there has been a drastic shift towards preventive testing wherein individuals are now getting tested for diseases as soon as the slightest of the symptoms occur, helping the diagnostic laboratory market to grow further during this period.

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The Future of Diagnostics Market in India

18-May-2020 Mr. Arindam Haldar, Designation:Chief Executive Officer, SRL Limited

Despite the current situation of COVID-19, the diagnostic market of India has witnessed strong growth. As consumer behavior shift towards preventive testing, there would be more focus and research on molecular and genetic testing.

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Indian Waterproofing Membrane Market Growth led by increasing awareness about waterproofing products & continuous R&D efforts by market players with focus on providing quality and customized waterproofing products to end users

13-May-2020 Mr. S.M. Hasan, Designation:Senior Sales Manager, Sika-India

Growing demand for waterproofing products & continuous R&D efforts by market players with focus on providing quality waterproofing products, will lead to the growth of the India waterproofing membrane market in the coming years.

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Waterproofing Membrane Market in India -Driven by Adoption of Modern Construction Technology & Green Building Material poised with Entry of New Players– in Conversation with Mr. Sukanta Mallik, Vice President, CICO Technologies Limited

13-May-2020 Mr. Sukanta Mallik, Designation:Vice President, CICO Technologies Limited

Demand for High-End & Better Quality Waterproofing Product along with Growing Waterproofing Awareness & Entry of New Players (Regional & Local) will lead to further growth in the India Waterproofing Membrane Market

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Consumer Wearable’s in India-A Healthcare Revolution in the Making – in Conversation with Gaurav Khatri.

01-May-2020 Gaurav Khatri, Designation:CEO, GoNoise.com

Healthcare sector has been impacted significantly after the entry of wearable’s into the industry. With the advent of new players in the market, these devices have evolved from a basic pedometer to a proficient vital tracking bands and apparels. 

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Tech Revolution in India Co-Working Industry: Ken Research

05-Feb-2020 Nidhi Marwah, Designation:Managing Director, South Asia and GCC, The Executive Centre

The commercial real estate industry is evolving at a fast pace and flexible workspaces are defining this growth. Our industry has helped shape new strategies for landlords and tenants.

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Evolution of Co-Working in India: Ken Research

11-Feb-2020 Mandeep Bakshi, Designation:Founder & CEO , OfficingNow

The flexible workspace industry in India has been drastically changing in the recent past. Dynamic workspaces and changing business scenario have led to the evolution of flexible workspace industry in India.

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Calculating the Potential and Break-Even of Dental Insurance in India: Ken Research

17-Feb-2020 Dr Neeraj Sheth, Designation:Founder & CEO, Ocare

Feasibility of Dental Insurance in India undertakes the analysis of the opportunities posed by the economic and demographic factors of India making it a desired hub for launching Dental Insurance Products in India.

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Domestic Brands Ruling the Indian Coworking Market: Ken Research

21-Feb-2020 Mr Amit Ramani, Designation:CEO & Founder, Awfis

The Flexible Workspace Industry in India has been dominated by domestic players which contributed around 68.0% of the total market supply in 2019.

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The Growth of 3D Systems in India: Ken Research

21-Feb-2020 Mr. Deelip Menezes, Designation:Managing Director, 3D Systems India

In the next 5 to 10 years, prototyping will be reduced to one of the many applications of 3D printing. The main applications will be medium to large scale manufacturing which augment conventional manufacturing techniques.

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Ayurveda in India, Ancient Remedies for Modern India : Ken Research

30-Mar-2020 Mr. Aadil Shah, Designation:Founder & Chief Executive Officer, AADAR - Health & Wellness, Ayurveda focused Digital Brand

Ayurveda is believed to have originated in the Vedic times around 5,000 years ago in India. Dabur India and Baidyanath group are considered the front runners in India’s manufacturing Ayurvedic medicines and have presence in the country for more than 100 years.

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Setting Priorities whilst embracing Innovation could accentuate the Bottom-Line Figures for Web Insurance Aggregators in India: Ken Research

10-Dec-2019 Mr. Mahavir Chopra, Designation:Chief Business Officer, Coverfox Insurance Broking Pvt Ltd

India Web Insurance Aggregator Industry is fairly concentrated within the top 4 players constituting more than 90% of total space. While none of the top players is a profit making entity as at FY’2019, we attempt to cover the roadmap for the aggregators in a highly regularized environment.

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Interview of Naval Goel, Chief Executive Officer at PolicyX.com on insights of the Web Insurance Aggregators Market in India: Ken Research

10-Dec-2019 Naval Goel, Designation:Chief Executive Officer, PolicyX.com

This discussion was a part of the interview series “A Roadmap for India Web Aggregator Industry” and revolved around understanding the insights of the Web Insurance Aggregators Industry in India.

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Diversification in times of Market Uncertainty – Conversation with Vinay Bharathwaj, Founder and Chairman at Stockal

15-Apr-2020 Vinay Bharathwaj, Designation:Founder and Chairman, Stockal

Amid the Covid-19 Outbreak, capital markets are trading close to their 3-year low causing panic and distress among the retail investors; who invest a portion of their savings majorly through mutual funds and stocks.

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Tech Play in Logistics: Focus Towards Telematics & Fleet Management – in Conversation with Dhruvil Sanghvi, CEO & Co Founder, LogiNext – Ken Research

16-Apr-2020 Dhruvil Sanghvi, Designation:CEO & Co Founder, LogiNext

The logistics space has faced an unprecedented revolution with a huge spike in consumers opting for home deliveries, better customer experience, and transparency in the last mile. The companies that lag in adopting technology risk losing market share eventually.

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Tech Revolution in Asia-Pacific Co-Working Industry: Ken Research


07-Feb-2020 Yann R. Deschamps, Designation:Head of Asia Pacific, Workthere

Asia Pacific has evolved to become the largest market for flexible workspaces in the last 5 years. The industry has evolved ever since its inception and variety of entities have become the part of the industry value chain. In order to understand the dynamics in the industry and the role of flexible workspace brokers and aggregators we reached out Yann R. Deschamps, Head of Asia Pacific at Workthere.

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