FIFA 2022 is boosting the Facility Management Industry in Qatar and it has led to a fast phase growth of the industry.”

03-Nov-2022   Mr. Shahinsha Bashajan, Designation: Ass. Project Manager - Al Asmakh , AtoZ Facility Management, Qatar   Author: Twinkle Karnawat

In conversation with Mr. Shahinsha Bashajan, Assistant Projects Manager Al Asmakh - AtoZ Facility Management, Qatar, we tried to understand the Facility Management Industry in Qatar and its’ current state in the industry.

“FIFA 2022 is boosting the Facility Management Industry in Qatar and it has led to a fast phase growth of the industry.”

Q1) What is the current state of Facility Management Industry in Qatar and what future does it hold?

The Facility Management Industry in Qatar was anticipated to thrive before Covid affected the economy because of the forthcoming FIFA 2022, but Covid impacted the growth over the following 1.5 years, slowing down everything, notably the building of infrastructure.

Following the pandemic, the pace of things picked back up as the nation underwent numerous growth initiatives. FIFA 2022 is unquestionably one of the largest projects because it demands a variety of facility services, from soft services to hard services, along with customer services. Everything will start in a few weeks. People are coming from all over the world to attend this event, therefore arrangements are in final stage and ready to accommodate them. HVAC services are important for the stadium due to Qatar’s climate.

Q2) Who are the major players in the Qatar Facility Management Market?

Different businesses offer various services and there are many players in the market. The leading competitor in the facilities management industry is Al Asmakh - AtoZ Facility Management. They have got partial services for stadium match hospitality, volunteer accommodation services, and FIFA team player services as well.

Q3) Which are the major projects other than FIFA 2022, that are affecting the Facility Management Market in Qatar?

There are multiple large scale projects being worked on in the nation by various developers.

Out of which, Barahat Al Janoub is a 16-month initiative that intends to give workers a high-quality lifestyle by creating integrated housing for them. The city will be equipped with smart city technologies so that all societal groups can access innovative solutions and services can be provided to different sections of society.

Q4) Is the hard service market space up for growth or decline? Will the trends towards hard services change in the future?

The market for hard services will continue to expand. In order to ensure the smooth operation of all services, mass hiring is taking place in response to the rising demand for hard services. Recruiting workers from within and outside the country is being done on priority basis. They are primarily hired on a contract basis and receive training to acquire the necessary skill set to work for various hard services. Each hard service requires different skills, as some are more labor intensive, such as Plumbing, while electromechanical requires more technical knowledge.

Q5) How are the Fire Safety and Security laws in the country?

The safety laws in Qatar are too particular. Government local authorities do surprise inspections and companies' licenses to operate may be revoked if they are unable to obtain approval from these authorities for the mandatory installation of security and fire safety systems. In terms of safety laws, Qatar adheres to international standards, and has one of the best and most regulated safety laws among the GCC nations.

Q6) According to our research, the market is expected to grow at a double CAGR in the next 5 years. Do you agree? What are your opinions on this?

The facility management is at its height, which is advantageous for EXPO 2023, which will end in March 2024. The government already had a better understanding of the country's infrastructure needs, new projects under EXPO 2023 will be initiated in accordance with demands as well. This is expected to provide a major boost to the market.

Along with this, Qatar's National Vision 2030 is also expected to contribute to the growth of the market. In order for citizens to live in a society with a good standard of life, Qatar's National Vision 2030 aspires to develop society and make it sustainable. It concentrates on the nation's human, social, economic, and environmental development.

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