Price sensitivity still remains a major issue which Facility Management companies in Qatar are trying to fight by providing more customized services.”

03-Nov-2022   Mr. Lakshan Padmakumara, Designation: Senior FM Estimation Engineer, Maintenance Management and Solutions WLL (MMS), Qatar   Author: Twinkle Karnawat

In conversation with Mr. Lakshan Padmakumara, Sr. FM Estimation Engineer in Maintenance Management and Solutions WLL (MMS), we tried to understand the Facility Management Industry in Qatar. Further, we discussed the effect of pandemic and the future going forward.

 “Sustainability and Energy Solution are at the center of attention for the country to move forward with its’ development plans”

Q1) Could you briefly explain the Facility Management as a service in Qatar?

The Facility Management is providing the supporting services to core business. A variety of disciplines and services are included in facilities management to guarantee the efficiency, comfort, and functionality of a company. Based on needs, these activities are provided.

Q2) What is the current situation of Qatar Facility Management Market? What were the after effects of COVID-19?

The flow of events resumed, the needs of the public were satisfied, and now everything is back to normal.

Covid has actually aided in one way; now that many things take place online, a lot of time is saved compared to before. For instance, filing out an invoice is now entirely done online, and many other innovations have improved how the sector operates.

Q3) How does the Facility Management Market work? Can you please explain the value chain?

There are two components that can be identified such as Public and Private sector.

In the Public sector, the FM service providers are selected by using the open or selective tendering process. Mostly, the government publishes the required FM services through the government Tender Portal and News Paper and then interested FM services provides participates and the ones who clears pre-qualification process moves forward with the contract.

The private sectors obtain the FM services either thorough nominated services provider, or selective or open tendering process. The process depends on the client’s time line, internal policies and types of the services to be obtained.

Q4) Who are the major players in the Qatar Facility Management Market?

There are numerous competitors in the market, but to name a few, we may mention MMS, FMM, ECMFM, Assiyana, Emcor, The Maintainer and COMO Facility Management, among others. Essentially, it depends on the kind of service the client wants.

Q5) What are the challenges faced by Facility Management Industry in Qatar?

Travel restrictions and the difficulty of supplying facilities to the residential sector made COVID-19, one of the largest challenges this industry has ever encountered. For Building management, technicians are required around-the-clock, but acquiring the necessary supplies, labor, and transportation was problematic.

Q6) As we know almost all types of businesses require some or other sort of FM services, but who are the major end-users of Facility Management services in Qatar?

Users include Oil and Gas Field (Energy, Oryx GTL), Commercial, Hospitality, Health Care, Education, Recreational and Retail sector. Oil and gas are Qatar's greatest exports by value, and it provides a sizable market for facility management because inside the townships there is demand of a lot of services like HVAC and cleaning, among other sectors.

Q7) How are the laws ad regulation in the country with respect to facility management? And how are they effecting the market?

There is Labor Law 2004, number 14 which directly effects the market performance, then there is Civil Defense Standard, National Fire Protection Authority (NFPA), Discipline Commission, Welfare Policy, which aids in maintaining minimum standards, Qatar Construction Standards (QCS) 2014, Qatar Sustainable Assessment System (QSAS), Health Technical Memorandum (HTM) and ISO standard, and Occupational Health and Safety Assessment Series (OHSAS), ASHRAE, these are major laws, regulations and standards that have an immediate impact on the market. All of these contribute to keeping service standards at a high level.

Q8) What do you think is the future outlook of the Qatar Facility Management Industry?

In future Qatar Facilities Management industry will move towards the full automation by using Artificial Intelligent, Machine Learning and Robotics technologies.

Furthermore, facilities management will evolve towards sustainable and energy-efficient solutions.

Qatar is trying to find a sustainable solution to use 30% renewable energy by 2030, with upgradation in technology the work model will get updated, service delivery gets carried out more efficiently.

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