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Attention towards organic and luxury imported coloured cosmetic products in Japan: Ken Research

Posted on 30 October 2017 by KenResearch

Japan possesses the world’s largest cosmetics market with a wide variety of cosmetic products along with traditional cosmetics. Therefore, Japanese cosmetics market is highly competitive. Consumers are conscious about the quality, product value and brand of cosmetics they purchase and use. Japanese market is considered as a gateway for many other Asian markets for coloured cosmetics. Consumers consider product image, texture, and scent while purchasing any cosmetics. Consumer tastes may change with time, season and fashion along with the introduction of appealing coloured cosmetics. Organic and luxury coloured cosmetic products gain more attention in Japanese cosmetic market. The cosmetic market includes products for skincare, hair care, makeup preparations, fragrance, and toiletry goods such as pre-and-after shaving, bath salts and many more. Japanese cosmetic products are packed appropriately to attract consumers with designs and unique characteristics.

According to the study “Colour Cosmetics in Japan”, the skincare products such as aging-care, skin lightening, and skin moisturizing are the leading products. However, the products with multiple functions are very popular. There is a demand for mineral and coloured make-up products. Cleansing products that wash off any make-up very easily and gently are preferred by consumers. Sensitive skincare products in the natural products category are also leading coloured cosmetics in Japan.

Cosmetics are divided based on the area of application. They are used on the face or other body parts such as foundation, glitter, primer, foundation, concealer, face powder, bronzer/blusher, face contour creams, highlighter, lipstick and many more. Varieties of lipsticks include lipstains, coloured lip balms, and lip glosses. Eye makeup items include kohl, eye liners, eyebrow pencils, mascara, and many more. Another variety of cosmetics are nail colours that include various colours. All purpose creams include benefits for colour correction, foundation, sunscreen, medical and natural benefits. Makeup-products such as mascara with moisturizing, thickening, and curling products are the leading products.

Japanese women use less coloured cosmetics compared to the rest of the world and focus on the skin care and complexion. Japan’s Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Law (PMDL) governs the cosmetics industry in Japan. Thus any of the cosmetics companies in Japan are required to comply with the good quality practice, good vigilance practice, and safety management according to the laws. PMDL also concentrates on the package of the cosmetics products in Japan. The country’s cosmetics market is expected to grow at a steady rate in the coming years. The cosmetics market is highly saturated with lowering purchasing power because Japanese consumers are more attracted towards cheaper products.

Japanese women are attracted towards natural colours to enhance their beauty. Cushion foundation products available in Japan create a natural and fresh complexion. Consumers majorly focus on seasonal colours within colour cosmetics. Warm browns are used in autumn and pink colours in spring. Majority of the consumers’ demands for import coloured cosmetics. The major distribution of the coloured cosmetics is through pharmacies, mass market channels, speciality stores, online sales. Shiseido is the leading competitor in coloured cosmetics market in Japan. Shiseido’s premium and mass products are Maquillage, Shiseido FITIT and Clé de Peau Beauté.

The cosmetics market remains inflexible to oscillations in the market. Awareness in personal care in both women and men in Japan has led to more demand for coloured cosmetics. Therefore, the coloured cosmetics market in Japan is growing amazingly with high stability.


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