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Sustained High GDP Driving Japanese Cards and Payments Industry: Ken Research

Posted on 14 October 2016 by KenResearch Banking Financial Services and Insurance,


Ken Research published a report on ‘The Cards and Payments Industry in Japan: Emerging Trends and Opportunities to 2020’ which discusses data on Japanese cards and payments industry using empirical analysis on major product type like debit cards and credit cards, by, market proportion of main companies, online commerce trends as the report puts forward how the new and existing players can use this information on dynamics of the financial sector in Japan to gain an edge in the market. Additionally, growth strategies have also been covered, keeping in mind all the steps that the Japanese government and the central bank have taken to ensure healthy survival of cards and payments industry.

The Japanese economy has sustained exceptionally high GDP growth and decline rates in the past and retains its position in the list of top notch countries having per capita income. Economic expansion and monetary expansion often go hand in hand and henceforth, the increase in methods of making payments. As a consequence of reduced amount of money balances held by the public in the country, the income velocity of money overshoots the equilibrium. Inevitable shocks cause to the money supply follow, leading to the economy bouncing between crests and troughs. This leaves the central banks and the governments in a tough situation to curb these shocks to anchor the fluctuations in the economy.

As Japan’s economy and Cards and Payments industry continues to strive to grow, the issuers can analyze the environment in the industry to make the most of the incentives provided by the regulatory organizations. These players should target to make their organization well adaptable to the recent policy changes in the economy’s competitive landscape. These firms can aim those consumers who prefer to keep up with the joneses to keep themselves profitable. It can provide lengthened strategy suggestions that will respond well to this continuously changing arena of the payments industry. The ‘ought to be targeted’ customer base would be the one that risk loving or risk neutral in order to make sure that this target is permanent. The issuer can therefore cater to the needs, attitudes and preferences of this segment towards debit and credit cards.

The report delivers all-inclusive analysis of the segment tendencies in Japan. It gives value and quantity numbers of diverse performance parameters in the market, including payment cards, check payments etc for the period 2011-2015. It has the data on the number of cards rotating in the economy, and the volume of transactions over the expected period from 2016-2020, the dynamics of competition including the market share of issuers and schemes made available and policy and regulatory regimes put in place.


Key Topics Covered in the Report:

·            Value and Volume analysis of the Japanese Cards and Payments market

·            Detailed Issue Scenario and the Regulatory Framework

·            Consumer Trend Framework

·            Segment definitions and analysis

·            Details of strategies used by leading issuers in Japan

·            Analysis of e-commerce in Japan

·            Key drivers to influence Payments industry

·         Cards and Payment industry in Japan

·         Mobile payment market Japan

·         Japan bill Payment Market Research

·         Japan Money Remittance Industry

·         Alternative payment methods in Japan

·         Debit Card industry in Japan

·         Japan Cards and payments industry trends

·         Plastic money market Japan

·         Global Payment Industry Research Report


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