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Leisure Car rental market in Oman hold a Majority Share in terms of Revenue in 2015 over Business Car Rental Market

Posted on 08 August 2016 by KenResearch

Oman Car rental market has majorly been in its period of development with operators being challenged to enhance their product portfolio in order to meet demands of the discerning customer in terms of variety of products and delivery standards. The car rental industry in Oman has majorly been dominated by various car rental players such as Hertz, Auto rent, Budget, Sixt and others.

Some of the local companies which need the vehicles on lease opt for the unorganized local companies mainly due to the low cost of leasing they offer. It has been observed that when the organized players dispose off their fleet, sometimes the fleet is purchased by the unorganized players at lower prices which make the condition of vehicle worse than as present with the organized players.

Chauffeur Driven Car Rental market in Oman has been driven by the rise in the Off-Airport segment car rental market. The country has witnessed a rise in the number of corporate car rental services in the country in the past few years which has led to the rise in long term car rental services along with chauffeur driven – off airport car rental in the country.

Oman car rental market has majorly been driven by car leasing, car sharing and self driven car rental market. Car rental market majorly comprises of daily rental that involves renting for a day, week or months. Car leasing market on the other hand majorly comprises of annual rental that involves renting for long –term purposes (more than a year).

Majority of the car rental companies in the country offer Sedan and Non-Sedan cars in the country along with luxurious brands such as Mercedes and BMW. Toyota and Nissan are other popular choices in car rental industry in the country that are largely used for the purpose of car renting.

Oman has a low proportion of online bookings as compared to the other countries in the Middle East region; this is due to the fact that the country’s car rental market is a fragmented market with a large number of unorganized players in the market due to government support to the local players. These local players rarely have an online mode of booking.

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