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Expected Contraction in Sales Volume of Baby Food in Poland: Ken Research

Posted on 26 September 2016 by KenResearch Food and Beverage,

Ken Research has recently announced its latest publication on “Baby food in Poland”which aims at providing in depth analysis of baby food market of Poland and it further provides profound understanding of the latest consumer trends and key macroeconomic factors driving demand for Polish baby food items. Further, it offers thorough insights of the market including information about leading market players and major influences driving innovation in market. Report also seeks to sketch a detailed view about future of Polish baby food industry by looking into recent market trends.

Overview of baby food market of Poland

Poland is one of the fastest growing economy of Europe. As per the reports of standard statistical office of Poland, “In 2010,the polish economic growth rate was 3.9% which was one of the best results in Europe”. This economic prosperity has generated huge demand for fancy baby food products to fulfil nutritional requirements of babies. Currently, Polish market is flooded with range of baby nutrition and food products including milk powders, nutritional bars, prepackaged food items, ready to eat baby food, cereals, juices, cookies, milk flavorings, baby supplements, etc. Leading market players of Polish baby food market include affluent brands like NutriciaPolsca, Fruselva, Geo-Poland etc. All these brands are working extensively to shoot their sales by introducing new variety of succulent flavors which are popular amongst toddlers and wholesome meals catering to their dietary requirements.

Key driving factors in Polish baby food market

Baby food market in Poland has witnesseddrastic expansion in past decade due to various factor. Increasing Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and rising prosperity in the economy of Poland has led to substantial rise in demand for baby food products. Since country is flourishing, contribution of women as labor force is increasing considerably. Working women usually have short maternity leave and are often preoccupied by work and hence they look for convenient, healthy and ready to made baby food products. Thus demand for innovative and nutritious baby food has increased significantly in recent past.

Further, since baby food are less expensive than fresh food items and since preparation of such items is more convenient , demand for baby products is increasing drastically. Baby food products are publicized and promoted as extremely nutritious satisfying macro and micro nutrients needs of children. Since these aggressive advertisement campaigns ensure food safety and excellent quality of baby food, parents are buying these products to feed their tiny tots.

Babies are usually picky eaters who completely resist eating fresh fruits, vegetables and milk products. Baby food brands are producing healthy and appetizing meals that not only fulfill nutritional requirements of babies but also are treat for their taste buds. This is why parents prefer to feed their babies baby food for optimum nutrition.

Thus, key factors that are increasing demand for baby food in Poland are:

       Increasing prosperity and female participation in workforce

          Baby food is less expensive than fresh food

Ø    Advertisement campaigns promoted nutritional value of baby food.

Ø    Appetizing baby foods as a way to fulfil nutritional requirements of picky eaters.


Future of Polish baby food industry

Though rapid expansion in baby food market was seen in Poland in last decade but a sense of pessimism is associated with future of baby food industry in Poland due to following factors:

v       Shrinking of population base due to falling fertility rates in Poland. This fall in birth rate is reducing demand for baby food in Poland.

v     Public awareness towards harmful preservatives and additives in prepackaged baby food is increasing. Thus, people are avoiding purchase of baby food and rather are preferring fresh food items to ensure proper nutrition in their children. But, this is opening doors of organic baby food industry whose sales are actually increasing.

v        Government campaigns for highlighting importance of breastfeeding is reducing demand for products like baby milk powder, etc.

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Companies covered

 NutriciaPolska Sp. z o.o.

 Nestlé Polska Sp. z o.o.


 Humana Poland Spz.o.o.

 Arteta Sp. z oo

 KrügerPolska Sp. z o.o.

     Mead Johnson Nutrition