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Poland Online Advertising Market will be Driven by Fast paced Online Advertising Spending on Mobile and Innovation in the Way Brands Connects with Customers: Ken Research

Posted on 23 November 2017 by KenResearch Media and Entertainment,

Poland online advertising market by Type of Online Ads (Display, Paid Search Ads, Paid Classified/ Directories, Paid Email Ads), By Mobile Ads, By Social Media Ads, By Digital Ad Spending by Various Sectors (Retail, E-commerce, Automotive, Telecom, Financial Services, Packaged Food, Hotel/ Bars/ Restaurant and others) and Market Share of Major Digital Platforms (Google, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter & Instagram,,, and Major Online Advertising Agencies (VML Poland, K2, Ideo Agency, J.Walter Thompson Group, Nitro Digital, Connaxis)

November 2017 | Poland News

  • The growth of online ad market will result not only from bigger budgets for internet campaigns but also from expected higher prices for digital advertising in coming years
  • Rising Ecommerce market, support from publishers and network providers, tremendous reach through social networking sites boasts the demand for online advertising in the country.

Social media penetration in Poland has been on a surging trend in the past few years just like everywhere else. More than 50% of Polish adults i.e. over 18 years of age use social media. Social media is currently used extensively by young adults belonging to 18 to 24 years of age, followed by users aged 35 to 64 and then users aged over 65. Facebook, and Twitter are one of most used platforms in Poland. Facebook has over 64% penetration rate in Poland with over 40% of the population has an active account on any social media website in 2017. Ad spend on social media platform has increased manifolds since 2011 in Poland with rising social media user base and time spent on these platforms by users.

Over 75% of the online ad spend was contributed by display ads and SEM in Poland in 2016. Advertisers have underscored the supremacy of Internet over advertising platforms and its dominance in polish people’s lives. The people in Poland use internet at work, at home, in a café, in a car and wherever the coverage is available. With the development of mobile devices, polish people are continuously connected to the web. There are more than 27 million internet users in Poland in 2016 which indicates a penetration rate of over 70%. Since the number of people accessing Internet is growing, advertisers are keen to place their ads on digital platforms.

The largest percentage growth was observed in mobile advertising and social media ads. Major brands which belong to automotive, finance, real estate, telecom and e-commerce sectors spent the most on online advertising in Poland.

The digital advertising sector will benefit the most from mobile in future as it has become the channel of great effectiveness and vigorously extending coverage with over 8 million smartphones sold in a year in Poland. Companies are constantly aware of power of Mobile devices and thus have begun investing in this channel. Moreover, new forms of online promotion, such as Real time bidding (RTB), retargeting or programmatic, will significantly grow the effectiveness of promotional activities online.

Video online ads will also continue to expand at the fastest pace with an expected growth of 20-30%. Ken Research in its latest study, Poland Online Advertising Market by Type (Display, Paid Search Ads, Paid Classified/ Directories, Paid Email Ads), By Mobile Ads, By Social Media Ads – Outlook to 2022, suggested that going ahead, brands will need to welcome the potential of disruptive technologies such as virtual reality, artificial intelligence and voice activation. The research suggests that the adoption rate of such technologies will grow at a robust pace in the coming future.

Key Topics Covered in the Report

  • Poland Advertising Market Overview
  • Poland Advertising Market Genesis
  • Online Ad Spend in Poland
  • Digital Advertising Spend in Poland
  • Online Ad Expenditure in Poland
  • Digital Video Ad Market Growth Poland
  • Social Media Ad Spend in Poland
  • Online Advertising Bids in Poland
  • Market Share of Online Ad Platforms Poland
  • Online Advertising Market Segments Poland
  • Trends Digital Advertising Expenditure Poland
  • Competition in Digital Advertising Agencies Poland
  • Future Mobile Ad Spend Poland
  • Youtube CPM in Poland
  • Facebook Ad Revenue Poland
  • Top Digital Advertising Agency Poland
  • Forecast Digital Ad Spend Poland

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