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Profitable Landscape Of The Asia Pacific Remittance Market Outlook: Ken Research
October 2019

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Asia Pacific Remittance market has been investigated to be concentrated for the banks whereas the moderately scrappy for the non-banking institutions in the recent past years. The market has been located to be at advanced stage. In the Asia Pacific region, the market consists of banks, money transfer operators, postal connections, mobile wallets as foremost entities wherein it is main stream registered by Banks and MTOs. The protuberant business policies and strategies accepted by the foremost players to position themselves in the market involve forming a widespread network and improved reach, new services established and service advanced and better pricing and handy/transparent functions obtainable. The market has been effectively fostered by the augmented migration, better legislative surroundings in the form of relaxed policies, augmented consciousness towards the digitalized remittance services and advancements in the digital payments connection and Fintech space.

In the coming years, the corporates would be enlarging with the help of acquisitions, tie-ups, augmented digital modes of money transfer such as mobile benefits and M-wallets, depressed price of sending money and speedy transfer speed. The proportion of the inbound remittance in the total remittance decreased accounting an effective CAGR while outbound the penetration augments at an effective percentage during the recent time in the terms of remittance value. In the terms of volume of transactions, outbound transaction augment manifold in terms of CAGR accounted by the inbound transactions during the forecast duration.

The market has presented a secure growth in the terms of transaction value supported by an augment in both inbound and outbound international remittances. The entire transaction value enlarged presenting an effective CAGR. This was effectively fostered by an increase in the international outbound remittances, which is led by an effective growth in the employment prospects in the respective region across the Asia Pacific region. In addition the development in the Fintech startups and government rolling out mobile payments benefits underwritten to this advancement.

Although, by the channel, choice of a remittance channel based on the convenient of access for the payer and payee, cost included variety of products and services suggested, amount of remittance and several other aspects. The Prime remittance channels in the several regions of Asia Pacific economy are the Banks and Non-banks, where non-banks can be further sectored into MTOs, M-wallet, informal channels and Post Offices. Non-banks is majorly registered by MTOs. The Post Offices have amalgamated with the Western Union, and as a result, all the transactions of the post offices are commenced by the Western Union in the region. Across in the several regions of Asia Pacific, the banks have mainstream of the market share in the international remittance market by the entire capacity of the transaction in the recent past. However, the non-banks control slightly higher markets share in the terms of volume of transactions in the international outbound remittance market.

The remittance market growth will be suggested by the advancement in the Fintech and digital payments, with the more utilization of the mobile wallets and mobile benefits. The growing mobile phone dissemination, growth in the possession of smart-phones rate and augmented access and utilization of internet services would foster the growth. Therefore, in the near years, it is predicted that the remittance market will increase more positively over the coming years.

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