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Australia Ride-hailing Market Research Report: Ken Research
November 2019

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How Ride-Hailing Market Is Positioned In Australia?

The ride-hailing market in Australia experienced strong growth accruing to the arrival of new players in the market, and a spike in demand for ride-sharing in the country. On the legal front, ride-sharing was legalized in every Australian state during the period 2017-2018 which led to a rise in the total driver registrations and the total number of rides taken. Overall fleet sales in the Australian market dominated vehicle sales and formed ~% of all new vehicle sales in the year 2017. SUVs overtook sedans to be the leading category in new vehicle sales in Australia in the year 2017, owing to low-interest rates on financing and tax relaxations for commercial vehicles.

Australia Ride-Hailing Market Segmentation

By Type of Ride (Sedan or Economy, SUV & Ute, and Luxury): Ride-hailing segment covers cab aggregators and ride-sharing services that primarily use the sedan or economy class of ride. Utes and SUVs are less popular among users and are hailed for company team outings and peer outings over the weekend.

By Hailing Purpose (Airport, Leisure and Office): Airport trip revenue dominated the purposes for ride-sharing in the country as inbound and outbound tourists formed a major revenue source for ride-sharing. The price of an airport ride is higher than leisure and an office ride; hence airport use earned more revenues for cab aggregators in the industry.  However, when looked at by a number of trips, leisure and office trips dominated the market.

By State (New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland, Western Australia and Other States): Major cities for ride-hailing in Australia included Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. Ridesharing was legalized in each state in Australia at a different time period which gave a major boost to the growth of ride-sharing in each state. New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland and Western Australia were the major states where ride-sharing was popular in Australia due to the high number of small and medium enterprises operating in these states along with the high density of population in these states. Moreover, these states were travel hotspots with international overnight travelers and domestic overnight travelers forming major end-users of ride-sharing.

Competitive Landscape In Australia Car Leasing & Rental Market

The competition structure is vastly different across the three market segments of the Leasing and Rental market. Within the leasing market, fleet management organizations are the primary organization managing leases for car purchase and ownership. They compete on the basis of fleet size managed, location presence, lease prices, fleet management services offered and customer service. However, in the rental segment, the competition is split between 5-6 national operators and 1000+ city-based and regional operators. National operators operate through a franchisee and corporate model and dominate the rentals. They compete on the basis of car availability, waiting time, geographical presence, customer service, and accessibility. Ride-Hailing Market is relatively new in Australia and competition in the market is distributed among 6-7 key players. Location wide presence is one of the most important competing parameters in the high demand and supply-driven market. Cab aggregators compete on the basis of parameters such as availability, fare rates, driver behavior, ride experience, cab fleet and a number of drivers registered with the company.

What Is The Future Of Car Leasing And Rental Market In Australia?

The Car Leasing market is expected to grow at a CAGR of ~% by fleet size and ~% by revenue over the period 2019-2023. A rise in the value-added and production by the mining industry is expected to be the major driving factor behind the growth. Moreover, there is expected to be growth in the number of small and medium enterprises in Australia, which will drive the leasing market, accruing to increasing demand for corporate and business lease in the market.

The Car Rental market is expected to register growth at a CAGR of ~% by fleet size and ~% by rental revenue over the period 2019-2023. Driven primarily by tourists, the rental market is expected to be driven up by growth in the number of inbound tourists primarily due to the government’s Tourism 2020 plan. The rise of car-sharing as an alternative mobility method poses a threat to the growth and popularity of car rental in the future.

The newly developed ride-hailing market is expected to register growth at a CAGR of ~% by fleet size and ~% by rental revenue over the period 2019-2023. Ride-Sharing as a service is expected to completely displace radio-based taxis as a service and point to point transport choice in Australia. The entry of new players in the future as well as the rising penetration of ride-sharing services owing to the high number of Smartphone users in Australia is expected to carry the market to greater heights, enhancing the popularity of ridesharing in Australia.

Key Segments Covered in Australia Car Rental and Leasing Market

Australia Car Leasing Market

By Type of Car





By Region

New South Wales



Western Australia

Other States (Tasmania and South Australia)

By End-User


Construction and Engineering



Others (Logistics and Utility Industry)

Australia Car Rental Market

By Type of Car


Ute and LCVs


By Rental Purpose



By Booking Mode



Australia Ride Hailing Market

By Type of Ride

Sedan / Economy / Mini

SUV and Ute


By Hailing Purpose




By State

New South Wales



Western Australia

Other States (Tasmania and South Australia)

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: 2013-2018

Forecast Period: 2019-2023

Key Target Audience

Car Rental Companies

Fleet Management Organizations

Cab Aggregators or Ride Sharing Companies

Car Sharing Companies

Car Dealers

Consumer Finance Organizations

Automobile and Mobility Organizations

End User Industries

Companies Covered:-

Car Leasing Companies

LeasePlan Australia

Eclipx Group

SG Fleet

Custom Fleet

Toyota Fleet Management


Summit Fleet

Car Rental Companies

Avis Australia

Hertz Australia

Budget Australia

Thrifty Australia

Europcar Australia

Cab Aggregators





Taxify (Bolt)

Key Topics Covered in the Report:-

Australia Cab Aggregator Market

Australia Car Leasing Market Forecast

Australia Car Rental Market

Car Sharing Market in Australia

Australia ride-hailing market

Ride-hailing market in Australia

Inbound Tourism Market Growth in Australia

Ola Market Share in Australia

Ride Sharing Market Australia

Rented Vehicles Market in Australia

SUV Rental Market in Australia

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Australia Car Leasing and Rental Industry

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