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Future Of UAE education industry Growth: Ken Research
December 2020

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How Is The Experiential Learning Industry Positioned In UAE?

There has been a drastic evolution in the UAE Education Industry in last 20 years. The education infrastructure rustic to technologically-advanced classrooms fitted with smart boards. More than 90% of students are enrolled in private schools because of high average household income. Private schools specifically have evolved to comply with the requirements of a highly-competitive job market. Schools have maintained high quality teaching standards, according to the Global Competitiveness Index, primary school education in UAE ranked 16th globally in 2019. Even after school incorporating edutainment methodologies and quality education parent’s still face a need of additional experiential learning solution that can unable child’s overall development in fun and engaging manner. Majority of parents in UAE believe that there child lacks basic life skills such as Social Skill, Flexibility, Leadership, Productivity, others and Critical Thinking skills such as Problem Solving, Decision Making, Observational Skills, Analytical Skills, others. More than 50% of the parents in Dubai are dual working parents and therefore they have very little time for their kids and their education. Traditionally kids in UAE spend majority of their time with housemaids, who usually cannot help them with their studies. Increasing internet penetration has also led to increase in futile screen time for kids, which in turn has many side effects on kid’s attitude and mental health. Child’s Job Security is one of the major concerns for parents who want to prepare their child for the competition in the future. Kids and their parents face increasing pressure of standing out in the society. All these pain points of parents and kids have led to the introduction of experiential learning industry that promotes skill development by “learning by doing” methodology and discourages use of rote learning methodology.

Two of the famous experiential learning solution that exists in UAE are Activity kit subscription and E-Learning platforms. Activity kit subscription solution is for 0-14 year’s old kids. Subscribers usually get 1 box every month or every 2 months that includes theme based multiple hands-on activities, worksheets, guidebook and other complimentary components. On the other hand, e-learning solution majorly focuses on reinforcing academic learning through animated educational videos, stories, educational games, quiz, personalised learning path, progress tracker, live classes and other AI based features on their app.

There are multiple educational solutions in the market; however there exist a gap such as increasing number of drop-outs, lack of efficient marketing and sales strategy, presence of ill-researched products and lack of an integrated solution. Such gaps can be filled by an comprehensive integrated product that promotes learning by blend of activity kits, educational videos, live-classes and other AI based features. There is a need of a one-stop-shop

Overview Of Uae Activity Kit Subscription Industry

The industry is at its nascent stage with total addressable market of ~ thousand kids and <0.5% of penetration with ~ subscribers in 2020. The growth is driven by key factors such as increasing awareness about early childhood development increase, growing number dual working parents, increasing household income and changing lifestyle. The industry revenue has increased from AED ~ thousand in 2017 to AED ~ thousand in 2020 with a double digit y-o-y growth rate. Majority of revenue is coming from 1, 2 and 3 month subscribers. On an average, a subscribers pay AED ~ for activity boxes. Gift cards, festive & birthday boxes are few of the other products provided by activity kit companies. Swap/rental subscription, use of branded toys and marketing through CSR are some of the key trends in the industry. The industry also faces the challenge of demand seasonality, majority of parents so not wish to subscribe before and during examination month and majority of demand can be expected during vacations in the month of October to December.

How Is The Activity Kit Market Segmented?

By Age Group: Majority of demand comes from 0-6 years old kids as have low academic pressure and therefore have more time to use activity kits than 7-14 years old kids. The existing activity boxes are art and craft based and therefore get lesser traction from 7-14 years old in comparison to 0-6 years old. To penetrate into 7-14 years old category, companies should design curriculum aligned activity boxes and should partner with schools.

By Emirate: Dubai and Abu Dhabi are the major segments due to high awareness and increasing number of dual working parents. Majority of the school-partners of the companies are based in Dubai. For instance, School-Partners of My Discovery Lab such as Horizon English School, SAFA, DESS, North London Collegiate, Dubai British School, Jumeria, Odyssey Nursery and Star International School are based in Dubai.

By Subscription Period: Majority of parents subscribe to 3 months subscription followed by 6 months and 12 months, however 6 months subscribers contribute the majority of the revenue. 3 Months is mostly preferred as a trial subscription, to understand the kid’s interest and because of demand seasonality. Majority of parents subscribing to activity kits are corporate employees and they prefer 6 months over 12 months to avoid a massive onetime payment.

Key Segments Covered: -

K8 Activity Kit Industry Revenue By Age Group

0-3 years

4-6 years

7-9 years

10-14 years

K8 Activity Kit Industry Revenue By Subscription Type

1 Month

2 Month

3 Months

6 Months

12 Months

Others (4 Month, 8 Month & 9 Month)

K8 Activity Kit Industry Revenue By Emirate


Abu Dhabi


Others (Ajman, Umm Al Quwain, Ras Al Khaimah and Al Fujairah)

K12 E-Learning Industry Revenue By Grade

UKG- Grade 3

Grade 4-5

Grade 6-8

Grade 9-12

Key Target Audience

E-Learning Companies

Activity Kit Companies

Toy Companies



Government Authority

Time Period Captured in the Report:

Historical Period: 2017-2020

Forecast Period: 2020-2025

Companies Mentioned:

UAE Activity Kit Subscription Competitive Ecosystem

Monki Box

Baby Box Swop

My Discovery Lab

The Happy Box

Kids Fun Box


UAE K12 E-Learning Competitive Ecosystem




Knowledge Planet


Key Topics Covered in the Report: -

Target Addressable Audience, Serviceable Addressable Market and Share of Market for Experiential Learning

Snapshot of Dubai Education Industry

Snapshot of Abu Dhabi Education Industry

Existing Gaps in Experiential Learning Industry

Supply Ecosystem

Business Model Analysis in Activity Kit Industry

Revenue Streams in Activity Kit Industry

Organizational Structure of Activity Kit Company

Case Studies of Offline Players Providing Experiential Learning in UAE such as Sylvan Learning Dubai and Metamindz

Porter Five Force Analysis for Activity Kit Industry and E-Learning Industry

BCG Matrix for Activity Kit Industry

Impact of COVID

Demand Side Survey Analysis

Analyst Recommendation

GTM Strategy for a New Entrant (Market Potential, Target Audience Bracketing, Product Positioning, Product Pricing Strategy, Marketing and Customer Acquisition Strategy and Potential Risks)

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link: -

Future of UAE Experiential Learning Market

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