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Global Pumps Market Research Report And Forecast: Ken Research
October 2019

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How The Pumps Market is Positioned Globally?

The Global Pumps market is an innovation driven market, where the overall market dynamics differ from region to region. Players in the market operate in multiple countries, spreading their presence within the country through production facilities, sales & representative offices and service centers. Globally the market follows the traditional Production and Distribution Model (where manufactures develop and produce their own products and sell them directly or through distributors) with a growing emphasis on Mergers and Acquisitions to grow in size and expand their global reach. Production and profits are the main motive of the market players. Global pump market grew at a CAGR of ~% over the review period 2013-2018. The market experienced a fall in growth rate due to an economic slowdown during 2015-2016.

During this phase, major pump manufacturers initiated restructuring and reorganization efforts, some business segments were divested, and revenues plummeted for most global players. The recuperation in revenues for most global players, and the process of inorganic growth began in the year 2017. In 2018, water and waste water sector witness a major rise in market share, as it accounted for the largest market share for both Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, followed by the Oil and Gas sector, Globally the overall market size of the pumps market in 2018 was USD ~ Million.

What are the Major Types of Pumps Globally?

By Type of Pump: The Global pumps market was dominated by centrifugal pumps in 2018, this can be attributed to the larger scope of applications of centrifugal pumps (in industries such as Oil, water and others) when compared to positive displacement pumps. Within centrifugal pumps, the Water and Oil & Gas segments held the largest share. This can be attributed to the characteristics of centrifugal pumps: Application in lower viscosity (thin) liquids and high flow rates (industries such as, Water, Agriculture, Oil, Food and Beverage), and their cost effectiveness in business operations. Taking the oil industry as an example, Centrifugal pumps are used in the upstream oil and gas industry as part of tri-phase or multiphase pumping application. The market size of centrifugal pumps was USD ~ Million in 2018, while accounting for a market share of ~%.

Global Centrifugal Pumps Market Segmentation

By Type of Centrifugal Pump Location: Non submersible pumps dominated over submersible pump in the market. This can be attributed to fact that non submersible pumps include many sub classification of pumps, thus they have more applications, also the fact that they are surface level pumps allows for easy access and control to the pump itself. While submersible pumps need to be submerged deeper into the fluid source for pumping action to work, this limits the usage for surface level applications. Non Submersible pumps are required in industries where access to the pumping liquid is easily available, for instance, Water filtration plants, Food Processing plants and others. Submersible pumps will be required primarily in upstream processes in the Oil and Gas sector, Water and Wastewater Treatment sector and Agricultural sector (for irrigation).  Submersible pump reflected a market Size of USD ~ Million, and they accounted for a market share of ~%. Non submersible pumps account for a market Share of ~% and are expected to grow by a CAGR of ~% (2018-2023E).

By Type of Centrifugal Pump Stages: Multistage pumps contribute to a larger share of the market in 2018, this can be attributed to fact that multi stage pumps gain wider market adaptability as water can be pumped to larger heights.

Multistage pumps are required in industries such as Power generation, Water (drinking water) and others, where the water need to be pumped at Higher pressures over larger distances. An example for a widely used Multistage Centrifugal pump is a Boiler Feed Pump, used in the power generation sector. Single stage pumps. The market share of Multi Stage pumps are likely to increase by ~% as the need to pump water and oil to greater elevations is the current need of the industry due to depleting natural resources.

Multiphase pumping offers the unique solution to gather and boost both gas and liquids in one process with one single piece of machinery. Multi Stage Pumps accounted for a Market size of USD ~Million and a market share of ~% in the year 2018, whereas Single Stage pumps accounted for a revenue share of ~%.

Key Segments Covered:-

Global Pumps Market:

By Regions (Americas, Europe, Asia Pacific And Mea), 2018 And 2023E

By End Users For Positive Displacement (By Oil And Gas, Chemicals, Food And Beverage, Water And Wastewater, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation And Others), 2018 And 2023E

By End Users For Centrifugal Pumps (By Oil And Gas, Chemicals, Food And Beverage, Water And Wastewater, Pharmaceuticals, Power Generation And Others), 2018 And 2023E

By Type of Pump (Centrifugal Pumps and Positive Displacement Pumps)

By Centrifugal Pump

By Centrifugal Pump Stages (Single-Stage And Multi-Stage Pumps), 2018 And 2023E

By Centrifugal Pump Location (Submersible And Non Submersible Pumps), 2018 And 2023E

By Positive Displacement Pump (Rotary Pumps And Reciprocating Pumps), 2018 And 2023E

Key Target Audience:-

Global Pump Manufacturers

Centrifugal Pump Distributors

Positive Displacement Pump Distributors

Government Associations

Infrastructure Companies

Private Equity and Venture Capitalists Firms

Time Period Captured in the Report:-

Historical Period: 2013- 2018

Forecast Period: 2019E - 2023E

Companies Covered:-

Grundfos Group

Wilo Group

Ebara Corporation




Kirloskar Brothers

Weir Group


Xylem Group

For More Information on the research report, refer to below link:-

Global Pumps Market

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