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CCM Information

CCM information is a brand under kcomber Inc., was found in 2001, is the leading market intelligence provider covering agriculture (crop, food, pesticide, and agrochemicals), life science (bulk pharmaceuticals, food/feed ingredients, corn products, and biotechnologies), chemicals (basic chemicals, fine chemicals, fertilizers, polymers, forest chemicals, pigments & inks, printing, packaging) and energies especially renewable energies. 

CCM Expertise is Competitiveness studies, Benchmarking (cost structure and future pricing benchmark), Future forecast, global trade analysis and End use research.

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  1. Survey of Pesticide Industry in China

    221 Pages| December 2017 |
    AED 23782

    After over 60 years' development, China has become the largest production base of pesticides in the world, with over one third of its output exporting to over 160 countries and regions every year.

    China's pesticide industry has made great Learn More

  2. Policies for Pesticide Industry in China

    30 Pages| December 2017 |
    AED 4756

    Pesticides play an important role in agricultural development. Aim to solve the problems of pesticide industry, pesticide policies focus on all aspects of pesticides such as registration, production, business, environmental protection, pesticide r Learn More

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