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Retail/ In-Store Survey

Retail audits are inspection surveys that are key to how a brand is perceived by consumers in-store. These surveys incorporate right set of questions in order to gauge information on various aspects including:
Stock availability
Stock availability at retail stores and distributor outlets.
Products Up To Date
To check if the products available at store are up to date.
Product Display
To evaluate the display of your products in retail stores and to check if it follows safety protocols.
Complementary Products
To ensure that complementary products are displayed along with the main products.
Sales Volume
To track sales volume and sales trends.
Brands Policies
Check compliance of brands policies.
Promotion Effort
Test effectiveness of in-store display and promotion effort.
Track Pricing
Track pricing.
Products Placement
Track in-store position of the company’s and competitor’s products.
Product Damages
To inspect product handling and product damages.
Retail audits are conducted either by visiting the store or by making an enquiry over a call. Regular retail audits can enable companies to stay ahead of the competition and ensure maximum ROI.
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