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C4ISR Electronics and IT Expenditure in BRICS Nations: Ken Research

Posted on 18 November 2016 by KenResearch defense and security,

Ken Research announced its most recent publication titled, BRICS Nations Defense Spends on C4ISR Electronics and IT: 2016 to 2024,” discuss related parameters of the defense industry. The report has covered defense spending on C4ISR Electronics & IT products including Biometric System, Communication Systems, Electro Optic Systems, Electronic Warfare Systems, Military IT, Radars, Sensor & Guidance and Signals Intercept & Cryptography. Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa countries have been covered in the report. The publication provides segmentation data of the C4ISR Electronics & IT market in BRICS Nations.

The C4ISR helps to enhance the command, control and communication potential of in-service cutters, boats and aircraft. This support system will help to link the Coast Guard’s older assets with its newest. India offers ample of opportunities in C4ISR and IT product development in defense industry. The dependency of India on other countries for the development of defense equipments is a concern which creates opportunities for other nations.

Key Products Covered in the Report:

Biometric System

Communication Systems

Electro Optic Systems

Electronic Warfare Systems

Military IT


Sensor & Guidance

Signals Intercept & Cryptography

To know more on the coverage, tap on the link underneath:

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Ken Research 
Ankur Gupta, Head Marketing & Communications