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Premium Eyewear and Contact Lenses are on Demand in UAE: Ken Research

Posted on 20 June 2017 by KenResearch Consumer Products and Retail,

It has been noticed since several years, that the residents of United Arab Emirates are not making impulse purchases land opting for a quality driven products by being more cautious in their spending and taking advantage of discounts, special offers and loyalty programs. There is reduction in Russian tourists, which was counter balanced by gulf council countries, US, India and China. Shift in tourist demographics has led to a stable growth in eyewear in United Arab Emirates.

According to the market research report "Eyewear in the United Arab Emirates", there was outlet expansion of leading retailers in eyewear as there was sudden large increase in commodity and neighborhood malls, which maintained sales. Despite the global economic pressure of slowdown, there is increase in consumer confidence, which led to high demand from tourist and residents as well. People do not have to wait for the weekend to visit main shopping mail, as there is introduction of new malls such as city center Me’aisem emerge in the neighborhood itself which has added ease of shopping.

Ray-Ban, Emporio Armani, Dolce & Gabbana, Chanel, Prada and Oakley are some esteemed players in eyewear throughout the period. However, the leading player in eyewear market is Luxottica Middle East FZE. From key eyewear brands like Gucci and Dior, Sofilo Middle East FZE has continued and followed the benefits and are prospering as it has set a trend with strong distribution through key optical stores and through popular branded product of the country.

Al Jaber Optical, Yateen Opticals, Al Magrabi Opticals, Grand Optical and Barakat Opticals are well maintained chain of opticals store which are benefiting from the strong hold to key malls. These chain malls will soon be introduced in neighborhood and community so that product is easily available to customers. Social media advertising, promotion, marketing techniques and special offers are ongoing trend to differentiate at point of sales through services. Optical store channel and well-trained or expert professionals dominates the distribution. It also built security in purchase of eyewear and trust among customers.

Over the forecast period, eyewear is expected to show growth because of increase in population in United Arab Emirates, which will also enhance consumers’ confidence, and they will continue to demand more. In terms of volume, the growth rate is slower as the ripple effect of high cost of living and introduction of tax will make customers more careful in purchasing in future. Consumers would like to take advantage of sales, discounts and loyalty cards in United Arab Emirates in comparison to Western countries.

Because of brand reputation and high quality, the consumers will buy and invest in premium eyewear, specially the products like sunglass and spectacles. There is also an increase in demand for contact lenses. Contact lenses are easy to wear, comfortable and do not harm the eyes. In the generation, which uses and spends long time in front of laptops and smartphones, they need something comfortable and convenient. People generally use daily disposable lenses (DD) or frequent replacement lenses (FRP), as comfort becomes first priority of consumers.

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