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International Papers, west Rock, PCA, Graphic Packaging, Kapstone, Grief Industrial Packaging are some of the Leading players in the US Organized Paperboard Packaging Industry on the Basis of Revenue : Ken Research

Posted on 06 September 2016 by KenResearch Automotive, Transportation and Warehousing,

Folding carton industry in the US is growing at a rapid pace. The growing packaged food industry, personal care and health care industry has fuelled the demand of the folding cartons in the country. The corrugated packaging industry has been adequately meeting the packaging requirements of the country by successfully substituting wooden and plywood boxes, thereby contributing to environmental protection and the ecological balance.

Paper bag is one of the fastest growing segments in the paperboard industry in terms of value and production volume. Paper bags are made from Kraft paper or sack papers. They have wide range of applications in day to day life. With the ban on the usage of plastic bags in the country the demand of paper bags have fuelled in the US.

Continuous advancements in technology and production processes have enabled paper packaging products to increasingly find use as replacement for wood, glass, plastic, steel, and metal packaging forms. The paper packaging market is witnessing numerous technological changes and regional shifts which had increased the market size of the industry in 2014-2015.

Retail-ready packaging (RRP) refers to packaging delivered to a retailer in a self-contained unit, which is immediately ready for on-shelf product display without the need for assembling or unpacking. The growing demand of retail ready packaging in the country had fueled the demand of folding cartons.

Kapstone is a leading North American company producing unbleached Kraft paper and corrugated packaging products. Kapstone paper mills produce a wide spectrum of Kraft and recycled products ranging from containerboard, including liner and medium, to kraft papers and folding carton board.

Rising Prominence of online shopping and expanding E-commerce industry will drive the demand of corrugated packaging in the country. It has also been anticipated that the number of e-commerce companies will increase by 2018 which will result in the boosting the paper packaging Industry. The existing E-commerce companies will expand their product line which will fuel the demand of paperboard packaging in coming future.

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